CS50 Fair
Northwest Labs, home of the infamous CS50 Fair, is not usually this packed—trust us.

Part III in a series. Read Parts I and II.

While the thought of trekking to Northwest Labs is enough to strike fear in even the bravest of hearts, think about it this way: how bad is a measly final when you have just overcome a hike of such proportions? Other advantages include burning enough calories for you to stress-eat an additional gallon of ice cream and being able to study in complete solitude because who else is desperate enough to travel to this distant land for the purpose of studying? Hit up 52 Oxford St Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. if this is a compelling enough argument.

Sociability: The basement has tables that are meant for collaboration (but are often just occupied by lone students scrambling to finish their work) as well as red comfy couches. It has a good balance of white noise where you can work independently if you want, or work on a group project with your friends.

Crowds: Few people dare to travel this far, so the chances of running into a friend or your d-hall crush here are slim to none. Chances are, the only people you will encounter here are loners doing their best to utilize their fleeting bursts of productivity while waiting to attend their next class in the building, or fellow students who have decided that they have had enough and have chosen to doze on the couches rather than shed another tear over their impending doom.

Ambiance: This vast expanse of space has comfy red couches tucked away in a corner (that are perfect for nap breaks), but the center of the room is filled with tables and chairs for you to toil away on. The airy atmosphere and sleek design of the building is almost enough to make you think that the trek was worth it.

Bonus: With one of the nicer bathrooms on campus, convenient access to water fountains, and its own café for your caffeine needs, you might as well make the most out of your trek and just stay here from open to close.

So if you’re one who likes to take the path less taken, someone who is willing to do what it takes to find a quiet spot where not a single soul can bother you, someone who keeps telling themselves that they’ll go to the gym as they eat candy bar after candy bar in a stressed-out frenzy, someone who knows that the time they spend walking to a location would have been spent procrastinating anyway, then Northwest Labs Basement is the study spot for you.