Get Ready for April Fool's Day With These Pranks

A prank issue by The Harvard Lampoon announces that all classes were canceled Friday due to an oversleeping keymaster.
A prank issue by The Harvard Lampoon announces that all classes were canceled Friday due to an oversleeping keymaster.

Spring is upon us, and that means one thing: April Fools Day. If you're still extremely salty about pranks pulled on you in the past, it’s time to gear up to get your revenge.

Meh. By Beth Drucker

We’ve seen some pretty bad pranks over the years (looking at you, 'Poonsters) and there are valuable lessons to be learned from these failures. We hope that our misfortunes inspire you to prank glory. In order of least to most upsetting, we present to you the best April Fools pranks:

The “Zip Tie”

Zip tie a friend's belt loop to the back of their chair in the dining hall when they're not looking. They're devilishly hard to get off, and if you're lucky the zip tied individual will have to waddle away with the chair attached in search of scissors.

The “Grease”

Put vaseline on everything that your target owns—their math textbook, phone, water bottle—and then sit back and watch them drop things all day.

The “Orange Thrown Against The Wall”

This is exactly what it sounds like. You might be tempted to say this doesn't sound like much of a prank. And we would have to agree. But if you scream “April Fools” before smashing citrus on someone's dorm wall it makes it funny.

The “Glitter Socks”

Fill every pair of socks with glitter to create a sparkly explosion every time your target needs fresh socks.

The “Duct Tape”

This one takes a bit of work, but the payoff is incredible. Buy several rolls of duct tape, and tape everything your target owns to their ceiling.

The “Homework Scavenger Hunt”

Boy oh boy, this one will really get under the skin of your anxious classmates. Steal their backpack, with time-sensitive homework inside, hide it somewhere on campus, and create an elaborate and enigmatic scavenger hunt that must be completed in order to find it.

The “Alarm Watches”

Buy a dozen cheap alarm watches, and set them to go off every 15 minutes between 3 a.m and 6 a.m. Hide them all over your target’s room. Wish them a restful night of sleep and a happy morning of watch finding (bonus points if you sew one of the watches into their pillow or mattress).

Ultimately, there is no prank that takes it too far on April Fools Day. Help your friends grow into the thick skinned yet deeply bitter people you’ve always wanted them to be. So, Happy AF day, and get pranking!

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