No, we are not doing a self-evaluation. This time, we’re talking about FlyBy—the convenient (or unappetizing, depending on how you view it) lunch service for upperclassmen, located below Annenberg. This week, Flyby tackles the hard-hitting questions. How do Harvard students really feel about FlyBy? Here's what folks had to say:

“The location is good. The line is long sometimes.” - Jesse T. Zhang ’19

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Solid and succinct wording. We bet he does great with summary papers. Points for both.

“Soups are fantastic. Great Selection. If we could get some miso soup in there, that would be nice.” - William A. Bryk ’19

“I love it. I mean, they could have more food selections.” - Christian L. Bailey-Burke ’19

These sound just like the critiques your TF gives you. Starts nice and ends with things you could change for next time. These are better though because these critiques of FlyBy don’t end with you getting a C-. Points for both.

“It’s nice” - Yasmin Yacoby ’19

She was a first-time visitor and it’s the end of March. This either means that FlyBy has a really good first impression or that it should only be used in times of desperation. You decide.

“I really like that we’re able to access Queen’s Head. There’s a variety of seating.” - Ikeoluwa F. Adeyemi-Idowu ’19

“Good location. Annenberg versus just below.” - Julia E. Villasenor ‘19

Now these are some great points. Walk into Annenberg right after Ec10 lets out and good luck finding a seat. FlyBy is not so bad with overcrowding issues.

“I have no strong feelings.” - Jeongmin Lee ’19

Relatable. This statement is applicable to many things. 10/10 answer, but no points for either side.

There you have it. Team “Love It” (or don’t mind it) with the win! Apparently, FlyBy is the move for upperclassmen who don’t want to trek back to their house dining halls.

If you’re in a Square house, none of this applies to you. Please eat in Adams and leave FlyBy open for the rest of us.