Finally, Cambridge has accepted that it’s spring. Quick, enjoy it while it lasts, because you never know when the weather gods will decide to take it away from us. We’ve got a playlist full of upbeat, ~fresh~ spring vibes songs for you to sing along to. Play it while you enjoy your walk to class—or while you skip class to savor the sun. We all need a few of those days to recover from the winter.

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Sweet Caroline / Neil Diamond

It’s classic, it’s sweet, and it’s a perennial jam. Plus, if you’re humming along to ‘Sweet Caroline’, you’ll fit right in with the rest of Boston. Get ready for baseball season!

Galway Girl / Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran went on a year-long sabbatical from our stressful, trying world, and of course his comeback album is full of adorable springtime songs. Maybe it’s too late to study abroad in the fall, but you can pretend you’re in Ireland with this ode.

Me Enamoré / Shakira

Is a playlist of any kind complete without Shak?

Walking On Sunshine / Katrina & the Waves

Don’t lie—you’re already singing it to yourself. There’s no bad mood this song can’t fix, and it’s perfect for when the weather hits 80 (!!!) or even when you’re trying to pretend there’s no thunderstorm in the forecast...

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