As a pre-frosh, you probably imagined that your breaks from Harvard would be filled with extravagant vacations and engaging opportunities. But alas, you’re broke, no one wanted you as an intern, and you spent break dressed in pajama casual more than in business casual. So what to say when your jet-setting, pants-wearing peers ask what you did over break? Flyby has prepared some half-truths to have at the ready:

Talk about a made-up significant other from back home

Yes, we baked cookies and wore matching sweaters every day. No, he doesn’t have a Facebook.

Pull out Instagram pictures from past vacations

Your holiday plans might have been boring, but you’ve probably gone on a cool trip at some point. We all told some white lies on our Harvard applications anyway, so who cares if you (re)post some old photos?

Pretend that you get along with your family

Tell everyone you enjoyed spending quality time with your parents. Leave out the fact that you only went near them if they were buying you dinner.

Glorify your hometown

Oh you’ve never heard of the random suburb that I grew up in? That’s such a shame, we have really cute coffee shops and beautiful hiking trails.

If your winter break really was mediocre, don’t worry about it; in a few days you’ll be too busy to dwell on it at all. And, yes, I for one actually did interesting things over break. Like...uh...write this one post.