Shopping Week Mistakes

By Claire M. McLaughlin

If you play your cards right, shopping week can simply be an extension of winter break: catching up with friends all day, and then partying every night. Plan poorly, and you’re in for a week of hell. Don’t play yourself, avoid these shopping week mistakes:

Shopping a 9 a.m. class…and liking it

The best way to make sure you’re not in any early-morning classes is to not even consider them in the first place. Trust us, it’s not worth it—no matter how interesting the subject, or how cute the TF.

Getting there early

There’s nothing worse than getting a seat near the front of the class and then watching the room fill up, as you realize with horror that you’ve got no clear escape route. Were you thinking of shopping another class after the first half hour? Too bad; you’ll either have to stay put, walk in front of the projector, or trample your potential future classmates on the way out.

Missing a class that only meets once a week

If you’re considering shopping some niche seminar that only meets once a week, make sure you don’t sleep through it. You’ll either spend the whole semester in a class you don’t like, or wonder for the rest of your life if you missed out on a transformative experience.

Shopping classes that are actually challenging and intellectually fulfilling

You mean you actually came to Harvard to learn from illustrious professors and engage in stimulating conversation? Oh please, stop being such a hardo and just take an easy Gen Ed. You might even meet a hookup on the football team along the way.

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