The Types of (Debilitating) Crushes You’ll Develop at Harvard

You probably have a Loker Reading Room crush. Too bad you can't talk to them.
You probably have a Loker Reading Room crush. Too bad you can't talk to them. By Matthew D Moellman

We’ve all heard of the classic dhall crush, but the truth is: Harvard students like to keep their options open. And just as surely as you’re juggling interviews with Goldman, McKinsey and Bain all at once, you probably have more than one romantic interest on your mind. Here's the whole spectrum of crushes that all of us have, but none of us would ever admit to having:

The not-in-your-house crush

You don’t see this person often enough for them to be considered your dhall crush, but they do seem to be hanging around your house quite a bit. Maybe they’re on a sports team that regularly eats breakfast in your house, or perhaps they have a class nearby. Sorry to dash your hopes, but they could just be dating someone in your house.

Concentration crush

You have way too many classes with this person, and every time they participate they seem to know more about the field of study than you. The good thing about this kind of crush is that you never run out of things to talk about, but on the flip side it’s hard to make the transition from pset buddies to, well, more than pset buddies.

Instagram crush

You’ve been following this person (on Instagram) since Visitas, but you never run into them IRL, so you’re not sure what they look like without a filter. Unfortunately for you, Instagram DM is the lowest mode of communication.

Loker Reading Room crush

This is a forbidden love situation, because you’re literally not allowed to talk to them. Fortunately for you, the stacks aren’t too far away…

Who said it was hard to find love at Harvard? If only we had enough social skills to act on our debilitating, angsty crushes.

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