AmoriYES: A Review of Amorino

The delectable and aesthetically-pleasing rose cone.byline=true
The delectable and aesthetically-pleasing rose cone.byline=true By Linda Lee

Recently, new restaurants and businesses have been popping up all over the Square. We’ve seen the friendly breakfast nook Black Sheep Bagel Cafe, but what of its gelato-serving neighbor, Amorino? With its welcoming lights and its distinguishable rose-shaped cones, the dessert spot is hard to pass up. You may have dismissed its menu as too bougie, so we reviewed Amorino ourselves to satisfy your curiosity. But hopefully, you’ll take the leap and make the visit yourself.

Atmosphere: 9/10

When you first walk into Amorino, the first thing you see is a line in front of a bar boasting unique flavors of gelato. Certain hours of the night such as 7 to 8 p.m. tend to be busier than other times, but the wait is worth it. Warm lighting is coupled with a quiet seating area tucked away behind the serving counter. Amorino makes you feel like you’re somewhere special, so it's perfect for cute dates, self-care treat yourself days, or meetups with friends.

Price: 6/10

We get it. One of the greatest factors that deters people from trying Amorino is its overpriced menu. But consider that Amorino is more than just regular ice cream. Yes, you can go to Berryline for cheaper treats, but other ice cream joints such as Ben and Jerry’s actually serve ice cream for around $5, which is roughly equivalent to a small at Amorino’s. Considering that you can request unlimited flavors that are more unique than your average ice cream (Ever heard of Energy Mix or Stracciatella? What? Exactly), the price is worth the experience.

Presentation: 8/10

If you’re still hesitant about visiting Amorino, then at least try it once for their rose cones. The flower-shaped arrangement is undoubtedly the gelato joint’s selling point. Their cones make for a great Instagram post that will make your friends jealous of your new high-class lifestyle — but be quick about snapping a pic, because the petals tend to melt quickly. Why get real flowers for your significant other when they’ll be happier with a sweeter, edible version? Romance is changing, folks.

Taste: 9/10

The rich taste, coupled with the elegant presentation, makes this gelato worth the splurge. Amorino offers a variety of flavors both subtle and fruity, ranging from Tiramisu and Ecuadorian Chocolate to Mango and Coconut. As a personal recommendation from an experienced Amorino venturer, Stracciatella, Inimitable, Hazelnut, Energy Mix, and Pistachio are delectable. Some of the fruity flavors can be a little strong and thick, however, so be wary of mixing them with the creamier and lighter flavors. Oh, and, your order can even come with an adorable macaron wedge!Enough said.

Overall, Amorino deserves a solid 8/10 in our books. If you’re looking for a special night out or want to treat yourself to something different from the usual, make sure to stop by 50 JFK St., right by Boston Tea Stop and Black Sheep Bagel Cafe.

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