Radcliffe Yard in Spring
Check out the Radcliffe Sunken Garden, in the peaceful Radcliffe Yard.

We all have that friend who never gets sick, or that suitemate who’s immune to oversleeping, but let’s make one thing clear: no one is safe from emo hours. As the semester progresses, you may find yourself hit by stronger bouts of disappointment, stress, angst, lostness, or heartbreak. What can we say? Harvard is hard. But Flyby has some recommendations for places to clear your mind when you need somewhere to wallow.

Under your desk

Your bed is an excellent pick and likely the first place that comes to mind, but if you’re looking for a change of scenery that doesn’t require leaving your room, the space underneath your desk can also be quite pleasant. Don’t forget to bring a soft blanket or sweater with you.

The Radcliffe Sunken Garden

Located near Agassiz House, this peaceful garden (with plants and a fountain!) is a lovely spot to take a few deep breaths.

The Science Center Observatory

While the Science Center might be the source of your problems, it can help to let the elevator take you above all your worries for a wonderful view from the eighth floor. If there’s a specific person making your life stressful right now, even they’ll look very small from way up there.

Wherever serves your favorite comfort food

Comfort food is powerful. Save this one for when you really need a moment when no one is allowed to judge your condiment choices or taco preferences. You deserve it. And your arteries will forgive you.

A graduate school

Harvard Law School’s beautiful campus is only a short walk from the Science Center, but it feels far, far away from undergraduate life and is a nice place to go for an hour or two to get away. Tourists, roommates, and acquaintances from section won’t see you looking sad here. On the off chance they do, maybe they’re here for the same reason — it’s a bonding experience!

Atop the John Harvard statue’s lap

While most of these options involve hiding, this one’s for the people who like to be front and center. You never know, a tourist could take a great dramatic candid of you.

We’ve offered you some ideally tranquil places, but don’t forget: nowhere is as comfortable as the arms of a friend. In all seriousness, if you’re having a rough day, reach out to those close to you to vent or get some help.