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Why I Declared
Flyby Blog

Why I Declared 2019: STEM

To get some perspective on concentration declaration, we asked Flyby sophomores why they declared.

Marwah rides her electric unicycle!
Flyby Blog

You Wish You Had an Electric Unicycle Like Marwah W. Sabrah

There are plenty of campus transportation options, but Marwah W. Sabrah ’21 has arguably the coolest and sleekest one of all.

Marwah and her electric unicycle
Flyby Blog

Marwah and her electric unicycle

Marwah and her electric unicycle

Marwah rides her electric unicycle!
Flyby Blog

Marwah rides her electric unicycle!

Marwah in Motion

Extension School Convocation
Extension School

Harvard Extension School Welcomes Degree Candidates in Second Annual Convocation

Harvard Extension School welcomed around 350 recently admitted degree candidates at its second annual convocation on Saturday at Memorial Church. The Extension School admitted over 1500 students to its various degree programs this year.

Extension School Layoffs

Division of Continuing Education Dean Announces Retirement

Huntington D. Lambert has held the deanship for six years. Starting next January, Henry H. Leitner, DCE associate dean and chief innovation officer, will serve as interim dean until a permanent replacement can be found.

The Museum of Fine Arts
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Burst the Bubble: Sept. 12 - Sept. 15

Flyby has rounded up four adventure ideas for four days at the end of this week!

Division of Continuing Education
Student Jobs

Harvard Division of Continuing Education Collaborates on Digital Credentials Project

Harvard's Division of Continuing Education has partnered with eight universities from around the world to develop a shared infrastructure standard for digitally verifying academic credentials in a project called Digital Credentials announced last week.

Widener Library
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The Top 10 Harvard Campus Spots to Visit During Visitas

Unsure what to visit! Here are the top 10 places on Harvard's campus you need to visit during Visitas!

The Harvard Institute of Learning in Retirement

Harvard Institute for Learning in Retirement Revises Membership Policies

Harvard’s Institute for Learning in Retirement, a program that provides continuing education opportunities to retired seniors, revised its membership renewal process and committed to decreasing its use of University subsidies last month.

University Hall
Extension School

Lawsuit Alleging Illegality of Harvard’s Failure to Caption Online Content Moves Forward in Federal Court

After years of motions and hearings in a 2015 lawsuit against Harvard alleging the school failed to closed caption its public online content and provided inaccurate closed captions where they did exist will move forward in federal court.

Pforzheimer Exterior #2
House Life

Pforzheimer House

There are two kinds of people walking around on campus: those who live in Pforzheimer House, and those oblivious to how great it is.

Vitamin D and Diabetes
Flyby Blog

How to Tackle a Never-Ending Cold

If you get one of those never-ending colds that so many Harvard students seem to get, fear not! We're here to tell you how to fight it.

Unnamed photo
Student Life

The Five Types of Harvard Pedestrians

Crossing the street may be something that you do without thinking, but in reality it is an under appreciated art form.

Harvard Business School
Harvard Business School

Online Education Program HBX Rebrands as ‘Harvard Business School Online’

Harvard Business School announced Tuesday it had renamed its online education program in an effort to attract more students to its web-based offerings. The initiative, formerly known as HBX, will now be called Harvard Business School Online.