Consider this article a call to action for all Harvard students. Cardi B is currently partnering with Tinder to hold a free concert for the school that receives the most right swipes on Tinder. Currently Harvard is in the top 64 schools, with half the schools being eliminated every week. The concert will be held for the winning school on April 25th, which coincides with the beginning of our reading period. In order to win ourselves a second Yardfest and prove to other schools that we are not just sad loners in the library, we have put together a guide to guarantee us the concert.

Sign Up Everyone You Know for Tinder (Including Yourself)

As long as it’s linked to their Facebook profile and it has Harvard as their school, all of their data will count toward our score. Significant others have to understand making a Tinder is worth it for Cardi B. You don’t necessarily have to use it, just let it sit there and rack up swipes.

Increase Your Radius

Tinder allows your radius to go up to 100 miles, and more mileage means more people, more potential right swipes, and a better chance for us getting that concert. The other people setting their radius that far away have to be desperate, which guarantees a good like ratio. The best part about this is you will never have to see these people around and you can ghost them peacefully.

Don't Swipe Left

Swiping left on people takes you out of people’s lineup, reducing the number of chances you have to be swiped right on. If you really cannot handle swiping right on a lot of people, just let your Tinder sit there until the end of the contest.

Swipe Right on Other Harvard Students

I know it may be weird to swipe right on that one person you see in the dining hall everyday or the person from your freshman year Expos, but remember—it’s for Cardi B. You don’t have to date this person, just swipe right for your mutual benefit.


If you really don’t want to create a Tinder for yourself, find some great pictures of someone else and link a Tinder of their face to your Facebook account. Still counts for our total score without the telling yourself that you’ve given in to the monstrosity that is online dating.

Now, Harvard, is your time to rise. Don’t sit idly by and let the opportunity of a free Cardi B concert slip away.