Study Breaks the Whole Entryway Will Love

Honorable Mention: J.P. Licks Study Break. NO ONE turns down free J.P. Licks.
Honorable Mention: J.P. Licks Study Break. NO ONE turns down free J.P. Licks. By Grace R. Ramsdell

Study breaks—the brief respite we get from the living hell that is Harvard mid-week. Don’t get us wrong, we love our proctors, PAFs, and tutors, but “Quaker Oats Rager!!” study breaks just aren’t what the people want. It's the end of the semester, and they're probably just running really low on cute ideas, which they all wasted in the first few weeks when they were trying to impress you. Luckily, Flyby has a few ideas for kick-butt study breaks that’ll make everyone in your entryway (except for that one kid who’s always high-strung because he’s in HCCG) happy!

Burn Book(s) Study Break

Angry about a grade on an exam? Quiz? Homework Assignment? Furious over your TF? Section Leader? Professor? Host a fun study break in the great outdoors by making a bonfire and burning the textbooks of all those classes you hate when the semester’s over! At the same time, upgrade scrapbooking by creating a Burn Book (Mean Girls-style) with all the dirty, awful things you think about your professors and TFs.

Nap Time Study Break

Calling sleep-deprived Harvard students: have your PAF’s bust out the pillows and blankets and let your entryway catch some zzzs. Just be sure to wake them up to finish that essay they haven’t started.

Potluck Study Break

Get the whole entryway involved in this study break! By having everyone bring their own special food and drink to share, you can create a beautiful assortment of half-eaten Dorito bags and Cheez-it boxes, as well as whatever obscure, crappy seltzer bottles have been hiding underneath the bed of your entryway-mates for the past few weeks. Enjoy!

Kumbaya Study Break

Whenever you go home for break, some of your odd relatives may warn you of indoctrination screaming, “Those liberals at Harvard! All they do is sit around and sing kumbaya! They know nothing!”

Prove them right.

Meryl Streep Study Break

If you don’t love Meryl Streep get the f off my article.

Titanic-themed Study Break

Going to Harvard is basically the equivalent of drowning in a cold, harsh, unforgiving environment that will swallow you up if you let it, so you might as well have a study break commemorating that.

“Lookin’ Like a Snack” Study Break

Tell everyone (and I mean everyone) to break out their sexiest outfits for the study break to end all study breaks. S&M M&Ms, Three-way Musketeers, Butterfingers, and, for the more vanilla crowd, Hershey’s Kisses. Need I say more?

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