Housing Day
Now that spring break is over and the dust has settled, without further introduction, here are the 12 Housing Day videos ranked by a professional in the field (aka, a tired freshman who watches too many vine compilations).

1) Adams

Chances are, you’ve heard at least one person randomly bring up the Adams Housing Day video during section. Rightfully so, of course. Adams is the clear winner this year, with the insanely impressive lyricism and video editing that give its video a professional feel. Everything about it is so smooth yet witty, which made all the freshmen this year rap along (yes, including the yeehaw verse).

Rating: 5 stars for the sampling during the second half, the entire kitchen scene, and the jab at Kirkland’s flag.

2) Lowell

Raps are definitely a common theme this year, and Lowell didn’t disappoint by flexing about its new and shiny house. The scenes are filled with tea drinking and cool transitions, and everyone really can’t help but be jealous about its renovations and abundance of singles.

Rating: 4.8 stars for comparing Mather House to a block, the violin scene, and skillful use of confetti.

3) Currier

Currier was admirably realistic enough to depict a disappointed freshman getting his/her house, but it made sure to show us its community side to compensate. The video has a lot of aesthetic House shots, and the beat change in the middle keeps it lively and entertaining. “Mamma Mia!” is always a solid way to go.

Rating: 4.3 stars for the singing chorus and people brave enough to wear a dress outside.

4) Cabot

Shoutout to Cabot for bringing its fish to life! Cabot’s spin on “Fergalicious” was fun and lively: It was filled with subtle flexes about having the one and only Dean Khurana and being ranked highly on senior surveys. Different spaces like the iconic Cabot Café were featured, and the -icious rhymes were abundant and creative.

Rating: 4.2 stars for the fish suit and a dancing Dean Khurana.

5) Eliot

Eliot made sure to flex its swipe access powers and its annual “Fête” event through a heavy beat. Seeing female representation in the newly invented Harvard rapping scene is great, and the bold moves and dramatic zoom-ins just made us love it even more.

Rating: 4.1 stars for random “Charles!” exclamation and the gym flex.

6) Pfoho

Instead of showing anything about its house, Pfoho used its Housing Day video to follow the enchanting adventure of a polar bear — but we’re not complaining. It was pretty funny to watch the polar bear hunt for “riverlings” in order to feed her vulnerable freshman cubs.

Rating: 4.1 stars for a unique layout and the David Attenborough voice.

7) Mather

More female rappers bring the heat in Mather’s Housing Day video, letting us know that freshmen are welcome with Mather’s lack of dining restrictions and very cute dogs. Actually winning intramurals is always a good flex too.

Rating: 3.9 stars for the Conan O’Brien poster and the yellow clout sunglasses.

8) Winthrop

Though many of the housing videos used rapping, two houses used Ariana Grande songs to show off the ways they are better. Winthrop’s video follows the lead singer gleefully thanking Winthrop alongside local residents, with the lion mascot lurking in the back or dancing on tables. Overall, it was upbeat and fun.

Rating: 3.8 stars for the intro sequence, House views, and burn book.

9) Leverett

Leverett also brought us rapping that uses Cardi B as a solid starting template. With “IM’s in the bag” and scenes on the bridge, it’s entertaining and makes good points. The Spanish verse is cute too.

Rating: 3.7 stars for the fur coat and subtle bunny twerking.

10) Quincy

Quincy made a bop sung in minor feel lighter with all the penguin costumes, and most of the scenes featured pretty good dancing in random places around the house. Got the song stuck in my head again, though.

Rating: 3.6 stars for penguin dancing.

11) Dunster

Dunster has had a great track record, with past videos including Another Day of Dunster and Holding Out for Dunster. This year’s Fairly OddParents storyline is a solid idea but got a little lost in translation. For such a bougie house, Dunster could also have used more than just shots of the library and the dining hall.

Rating: 3 stars for the delicious food and adorable kid.

12) Kirkland

Kirkland’s Housing Day video consists of one guy randomly walking to places while pointing and shrugging. Does anyone ever understand Kirkland Housing Day videos? The harmonizing of voices could have been worse — when they weren’t busy laughing.

Rating: 1 star for the (British?) accent.