Tag Yourself: Zoom Extension Edition

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So… here we are. Back to a semester of remote learning. Only this time, it’s revamped with new lecture formats, take-home tests, and Zoom extensions! Which extension do you relate most to? Which ones make you want to log out of absolutely everything? Take this quiz to find out.

Your Wi-Fi crashes during a Zoom lecture, what do you do?

A. Someone near you is likely sucking it all up, and you will send them a passive aggressive text about it.

B. Eh, it is what it is. Time for snack #4325 of the day!

C. Text your friend in the class ASAP and ask them to catch you up on what you’re missing.

D. Wait until it comes back and hope that your face didn’t freeze on some weird expression.

What is your social distancing activity of choice?

A. A brief walk outside, mask tightly secured and sanitizer clutched in hand.

B. It’s just you, some takeout, and Netflix, baby!

C. Picnic blankets, social distanced circles, and some Large Outdoor Space™.

D. A Zoom catch up session with your blocking group full of laughs and Wi-Fi troubles.

Method of choice for keeping track of deadlines and assignments?

A. Google Calendar; it never fails. *Chef’s kiss*

B. Tons and tons of alarms throughout the day… Yup.

C. A beautifully elaborate bullet journal that makes a daily appearance on your IG story.

D. An ongoing list in your Notes section that includes everything you need to do.

How do you handle awkward breakout rooms?

A. Pretend your computer is glitching and turn off your camera for good measure; now you can cram in some readings!

B. Mic off, head down, but ears open listening to the painful conversations.

C. Ask everyone for that good ol’ Harvard Introduction to get the conversation started.

D. Bare minimum participation until you see that beautiful “Return to Main Session” button; then you’re out.

What do you do during the 15 minutes between classes now that they aren’t spent running across campus?

A. Checking Canvas to make sure you haven’t missed any random deadlines.

B. Fixing yourself a snack to eat during your next lecture, duh!

C. Catching up on social media feeds for some semblance of human interaction.

D. Napping. Zoom just takes it all out of you.


Mostly A’s: Gradescope

You definitely have a specific, personal method for approaching almost everything, and silently judge others for doing it any other way. Deadlines are your worst nightmare, and you’re always thinking about how much time you have left before your assignments are due. Though you’re constantly in a heightened state of nervousness, it helps you work more efficiently under high pressure situations. Others know you will put in your 100% to whatever you set your mind to!

Mostly B’s: Panopto

While you aren’t a social butterfly, per say, people know you well enough to give you that awkward eye smile from under their masks as they pass by. You’re the one who is quite content to chill by themselves each day, but is usually down for a random FaceTime call every now and then. Quarantine has been a pretty good time to brush up on your baking skills, so you have those 15 minute snack breaks down to an art form by this point.

Mostly C’s: Slack

Even with social distancing conditions, you won’t be stopped from trying to [safely] live life to the fullest. It’s an ongoing struggle to be both down-to-business and cool looking, but you’re working on it (read: joining every group chat possible). As a self-proclaimed extrovert, you’re all about those pre-planned outdoor meetups and keeping the conversation going during breakouts rooms. Your LinkedIn is somehow popping off even in these remote circumstances, so go you!

Mostly D’s: Jamboard

Let’s be honest: you’re really just looking to try your best this semester. While you didn’t start off this semester on the best note— how is it possible for my.harvard, Canvas, and Zoom to crash all at the same time?— you still have high hopes for the rest of Fall 2020. You’re spreading yourself a little thin already with all sorts of different clubs and organizations, so remember to take it easy every once in a while. Having already experienced every technical difficulty in the book, it’s only up from here, baby!

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