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Quiz: What (Remote) Snackpass Deal Are You?

Sure, we might not be on campus right now, but imagine all the great ways we can use Snackpass once we’re back to perusing the Square! Take this quiz to figure out which deal you should take advantage of next semester.

Housing Market 2020: Kirkland

Though small in size, Kirkland is overflowing with spirit, puppies, and an overall sense of community! When you join K-House, quirky and spirited events like Secret Santa Week and Kirkland Drama Society productions are just the beginning to your charming new life by the River.

How to Enjoy Alone Time

Now that Valentine’s Day has come and gone, you may be back to ignoring your significant other in favor of psetting in Lamont or embracing your self-partneredness in true Emma Watson fashion.

Shopping on a Budget: Valentine’s Day at CVS

Whether this is your first year spending Valentine’s Day at college or you’re a Harvard Square budget shopping veteran, it can get tough thinking of new gift ideas for your SO on Cupid’s Day. So, when all hope seems lost, fear not!