How To: Enjoy An Indoor Wellness Day

By Courtesy of Studio Ghibli

Another Wellness Day is here (believe it or not, our last ever for this semester), and we have been brainstorming ways to make every one of those 1,440 minutes count. Although Thursday looks rainy for those of us around Boston, it is still possible to be well (probably)! Maximize that cozy rainy day, pause and listen to the lovely raindrops, and get ready for the last few weeks of the semester.

Movie Day

After weeks of Zoom, plus never-ending psets and papers, your brain deserves a break. Get cozy with your favorite pjs, a fuzzy blanket, a cup of something warm, and snuggle in for a lovely movie day. Rewatch all eight Harry Potters! Throw on something vaguely Harvard-related (maybe a Legally Blonde moment). Watch three seasons of the Great British Baking Show and get inspired to try to bake something! Turn on some cozy lights and turn off your work — that pset can wait for Elle Woods to go to Harvard Law.

Build a Fort

Although you may not be quite as stress-free as your childhood self at this moment, one can dream. What better way to channel that energy than to build a fort?! Throw together some pillows, blankets, maybe rope in your engineering friend for some structural stability, and build the fort of your dreams. Toss in a few sheets and pillows and maybe add lights for some dreamy ambiance and enjoy! This is the perfect place to nap, lounge, and hide from all of the things you have to do tomorrow. Today’s worry is keeping the pillows from collapsing!

Play in the Rain

Just because it is raining (I mean maybe, not sure what Boston weather will actually do to us) does not mean you have to stay inside! If a movie day in a homemade fort sounds a little too dry, go explore Cambridge in the rain. Grab a nice umbrella and throw on some rain boots and get out there! Splash in puddles and dance in the rain, run around listening to Taylor Swift, or jump in the Charles (I mean, hey, you’re already wet). Honestly, nothing sounds more cathartic than singing “Forever and Always (Taylor’s Version)” (piano edition perhaps?) in a downpour, but chase whatever sounds the most well to you!

Buy a Plant

What says wellness more than a new plant? We’re not sure, and honestly at this point anything is worth a try! Check out our guide on becoming a plant person, brave the rain, and head out to pick up your new desk buddy! The two (or more!) of you can sit outside together and soak up the rain together<3

Fearless (Taylor’s Version)

We have done the math. 1,440 minutes of wellness means listening to Fearless (Taylor’s Version) 13.58 times (13). We don’t make the rules. What better way to be well than sitting down for a good cry, practicing your vocals, and getting your neighbors to beg you to stop belting the album at all hours of the day. We can’t guarantee you’ll be (Mr.) Perfectly Fine after this, but you will get to relive every emotion you’ve ever had, and that is a ride in itself.


This one is pretty self explanatory. Pretty please get some sleep and take care of yourself (the best you can today)! Today is a day that calls for pjs and naps, many of them. Rest, relax, and catch up on those many, many hours of lost sleep. Eat your favorite food, sleep, and repeat.

In all honesty, Wellness Days are, well… you know. Do whatever makes you happy and hang in there — with less than three weeks of class left, we’re almost there! Sunny, “weller” days are coming soon!

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