Flyby’s Guide to Conquering Your Writer’s Block

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Midterm paper got you down? Me too, babe. But it’s Harvard’s world and we’re just living in it. Best get those essays in on time or else face the wrath of the Writing Gods (or a passive-aggressive email from your TF).

Never fear, Flyby is here! With plenty of suggestions of varying absurdity to help you kick that writer’s block to the curb, let’s help you conquer that deadline!

Word vomit

Just write, you know? Whatever comes to mind, put it down. You could write pages and pages of random thoughts you have, I’m sure something will be of use. This works especially well if you already have a topic in mind, but feel free to try it freestyle, too. You can’t start editing until you at least write something!

Trade phones

Are you watching TikTok instead of writing and just can’t seem to put the phone down? We’ve all been there. Hand the phone to a roommate or study buddy and tell them to keep it safe while you suffer through this essay. Distraction: eliminated. Now just try not to get distracted by your friend. Or your computer. Or your surroundings.

Consult your STEM friends

They won’t be helpful, but you’ll realize that if you aren’t the one writing, then they’ll have to be, and we can’t have that happening, can we?

Take a walk

Fresh air really has the power to kick you into gear, especially now that it's nice and brisk outside. One step into the Cambridge wind will have you running back inside, ready to do anything so long as you don’t have to walk back out there.

Perform a ritualistic sacrifice

Take some candles, set them in a circle, and place an old essay or article in the center. You may burn it if you feel strongly. The Writing Gods will see this sacrifice and grant you new material to write in exchange. I will take no questions on the subject.

Coffee break (!!!)

Reward yourself: it's hard work staring at a blank paper while you desperately try to pull something insightful from the depths of your burnt-out brain. I’m totally more productive when I have a yummy Starbucks mocha in my hand (a lie I tell myself to justify the purchase).

Give Up

Can’t have writer's block if you’re not trying to write, simple as that (jk do your work please). But if you need something to procrastinate, just check @flybyblog on insta ;)

Now that you’ve gotten over your writer’s block (because this article was so helpful, obviously), it's time to get out there and put some words on paper! And no, I will not be answering emails from angry proctors who want to know why their students are setting off the fire alarm with fifteen lit candles in their dorms. Happy writing, folks!

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