An Ode to the Endless BoardPlus Options at The Law School

By Truong L. Nguyen

At the end of spring semester last year, I had used none of my BoardPlus — mainly because I had no idea what BoardPlus was and where I could spend it. And so, this semester, I decided to use my BoardPlus more consistently, as a way to treat myself during the semester. Because of this mission and my newfound love and discovery of the infinite dining/snack/beverage options at the Harvard Law School, my BoardPlus this semester is no more. So to all of you who are lucky enough to have some BoardPlus leftover: Go. To. The. Law. School. From sushi to blueberry scones, here is a quick run-down of the law school’s endless Board Plus options. Go forth and spruce up your otherwise HUDS-y week!

The cafe

As soon as you step into the main HLS building, take a right down the steps and enter the Hogwarts-esque cafe. Behold, a Peets coffee shop complete with seasonal drinks (especially convenient for all the Quadlings who would otherwise have to trek all the way to LISE for a pick-me-up latte) and baked goods that look like they could have been sold at Tatte. But the best part of this space is its ambiance. The erudite, old-fashioned vibe of this cafe is mainly a result of the fireplace (yes, there’s a REAL fireplace) that blazes throughout the day. I enjoyed a cappuccino by the fire here, watching the rain fall and feeling like I was in the Gryffindor Common Room — true main character moment.

The first-floor cafeteria

Sushi. I repeat. Sushi!!! Despite being cheap compared to other sushi options in Cambridge, the sushi in the HLS Cafeteria really hurt my BoardPlus stash. The ground-floor cafeteria is full of even more baked goods (not the mini-danishes in the dhall during breakfast but nice pastries), pizza, a wild range of refrigerated drinks, mac and cheese (with toppings!), and freshly prepared sandwiches. And, in case I didn’t make this clear enough, sushi!!

The second-floor cafeteria

Admittedly, I ran out of BoardPlus before I could make it here for a meal. But, this cafe is a huge space with a crazy number of stations. HUDS on sTeRoiDs of all kinds. I don’t know why HLS needs one cafe directly above another, but grab lunch here and tell me everything I missed out on.

Maybe the delights of the Law School have always been common knowledge, and simply unfamiliar to me. In any case, this guide is for anyone who, like me, has been oblivious to the ultimate BoardPlus spending spot. Am I upset that I ran out of Board Plus? Yes. Do I regret any of my Law school food purchases? No. Will I still go to the Law school instead of HUDS? Most likely.

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