The Best Blocking Group Names from the Class of 2025

By Courtesy of Harvard University

Part of the hard work of preparing for Housing Day for first-years was, of course, manifesting their favorite House, River Running, and most importantly, coming up with a blocking group name. This year’s batch were nothing short of punny, topical, risque, intellectual, and remarkably self-aware. So, here’s Flyby’s breakdown of the twelve most hilarious and creative names from the Class of 2025!

Larry Blockow

An ode to our fearless leader. Anyone with this blocking name should just opt to live in Mass. Hall.

Milf and Cookies

A brilliant name that has me wondering: Who’s the milf? Who’s the cookies? Again, who’s the milf?

Party Block Anthem

Quite the banger… Party Block Anthem is a great blocking name and a reference to an even greater song. Let’s hope this foreshadows an LMFAO resurgence at Sig Chi.

The Block of Gibraltar

The pun: 10/10. The originality: 10/10. The knowledge of British geography: 10/10

Wordle #930 6/6 BLOCK

A little WORDy, but I appreciate the reference to America’s new favorite word game and ego booster.

The Quadfather

If you get quadded perhaps Michael Corleone can help you out.

Six in the Stacks

This is a great shout-out to one of the most famed Harvard traditions. It’s only ranked lower as it clearly calls out anyone who hasn’t yet completed the Harvard trifecta (aka me).

Party of One

You’re blocking alone, and you’re telling it how it is. Respect.

Stop, Block, and Roll

It’s catchy and rolls right off the tongue. It also reminds me of my elementary school fire drill days.

The Suite Life

This gives me so much nostalgia and serotonin. Zack and Cody would be proud.

River Gang

It’s straight forward. You want the River - I get it. I only wonder: what’s going to happen when if this group gets the Quad?



If your blocking group name did not make the list, don’t worry, you’re just not that funny. JOKES! My blocking name is “The Toads,” so I have no legs to stand on. But whether your name is an inside joke or an expert pun, Flyby is wishing you the best of luck for Housing Day!

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