How to: Shoot Your Shot Before The Semester Ends

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We’re in the home stretch. In just about a week, office hours and reading period will end, meaning you won’t get to see your section crush for an entire three months. And that’s if you're lucky. What if they’re graduating? What if they’ve been quadded? What if they decide to change their concentration and you’re no longer in similar classes? What if their start-up takes off and they drop out of Harvard????

My point is, life is short. Now is the time to shoot your shot, or forever hold your peace. Lucky for you, Flyby’s got you covered. We present: Shooting Your Shot Before the Semester Ends 101.

Invite them to study for the final together.

A classic move. I recommend going to Cabot Library or Smith; don’t jump the gun and book a room in the basement of Lamont or suggest the Stacks. You may be asking, “but what if we have a final paper instead?” Not to worry. Brainstorm/workshop that paper with them. Give feedback on each other’s writing. And look good while you’re doing it. You can make it work.

Ask them to grab coffee!

I know you’re already thinking that this is wayyy too forward and there’s no way you’ll work up the courage to do this. But this can be done in a very friendly way, and in the worst case scenario you just become friends, which is a great alternative. If you’re in the same section or class, you have at least some common interests. Next time you see them, casually slip in that you’d love to grab coffee and continue discussing derivatives or metaphysics or Luther’s 95 Theses or whatever it is that you do. No one turns down caffeine. Also, people love directness. Don’t go with the wishy washy “Are you free for coffee soon?” Instead, try “Do you want to grab Peet’s with me this afternoon? I’m super open, whatever time works for you!”

Swipe up on their Instagram story pubbing their club.

Their obscure, four person club is hosting an event with ~free food~? Grab a friend and head over to support! This is a great way to show them you’re interested in their life beyond their fabulous looks. And who knows, maybe you’ll find a new extracurricular you really like!

Volunteer to take their “I promise it’ll only take two minutes” research survey emailed to their entire House.

I know I can’t be the only one with these surveys flooding my inbox. And more importantly, let them know you did them a solid by taking it.

Invite them to a formal with you.

Formal season is officially here, and what better way to shoot your shot than this? All you need to do is shoot over a quick, informal text (example: hey, it’s ___ from section. I have Eliot fête on Tuesday, was wondering if you wanted to come with?) or if you’re feeling bold and romantic, ask them in person. “Formal-posal” it with a free boba, if you must.

Simply ask for their number.

I believe in you! Take a shot — of water of course ;) — if you need liquid confidence. And then just rip the band-aid off: It can be painful to muster up the courage, but when you’re sending each other inside-joke GIFs afterwards, you’ll be glad you did it. Like I said, you might never see this person again in your Harvard career. YOLO.

All that pining, and for what? Do you really want to regret not making a move on that one person you thought was cute all semester??? No, you don’t. You never know if you don’t try :)

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