Love Letter to Feb. 15

By Nayeli Cardozo

“Oh no! Valentine’s Day is over! Now I have no more seasonal events to look forward to!” That’s me if I cared. No, actually, Valentine’s Day is… fine, but today is even better. Feb. 15 is the only thing that makes Feb. 14 worth getting through, and I’ll tell you why.


The most obvious great thing about Feb. 15 is that all the chocolate will be discounted. Honestly, I don’t care if chocolate is in the shape of a heart, an egg, or a pumpkin. Chocolate is chocolate, and it’s less expensive than usual on Feb. 15. Catch me storming CVS. I’m stockpiling to last me and my roommate until the day after Easter. (If you’re in charge of regularly providing an org with snacks, take note!)


A less hyped but arguably better aspect of today is… the DEBRIEF. Datamatch was yesterday, as was, you know, regular Valentine’s Day stuff. Who broke up? Who got together? Who received the single rose that your section crush brought to class? Did your Datamatch crush roulette work out?!?!

A Welcome Return to Normalcy!

~Society~ is arguably too obsessed with romance as it is, and Valentine’s Day definitely veers into the territory of too much of a good thing. Sometimes you need a moment to relax between special events so you can appreciate the fun times all the more. This is why I’m trying to romanticize a random Wednesday in February.

So let yourself enjoy today, even if it’s not as special as yesterday was. It’s called the present because every day is a gift, etc. etc. Happy Wednesday!

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