Flyby Tries: Divinity School Cafe

By Julian J. Giordano

If you still have unused Board Plus and are wondering how you can possibly spend it all in the next two weeks, we have just the place for you. Consider visiting the Divinity School Cafe located inside the new Swartz Hall on Francis Ave (on a day when the dhalls are not serving butter chicken, of course!). A walkable distance from the Yard, this HDS common space offers delicious breakfast and lunch options that range from grab n’ go pastries to Cajun chicken paninis. It is the perfect hideaway spot to enjoy a moment of peace and recharge before returning to the hectic exciting energy around the Yard.

Overall Vibes!

Like most graduate schools, the Divinity School has a relatively quiet campus. So, the cafe offers a calm, relaxed space where you can focus on your work or catch up with a friend. There are both chair and couch seats, but the tables are generally not too big so conversation noises are usually light. The space is well-lit, with lots of natural light pouring in. The color scheme is great too– the interior design’s palette is mostly green, white, and light gray–which aligns with the healthy food selections offered on the menu:

Grab n’ Go Yogurt & Granola

This HUDS-manufactured yogurt and granola cup comes in vanilla, strawberry, and blueberry flavors, and the creamy texture matches Chobani standards. Most important of all – there is enough granola in there. Anyone else always worried that your granola will run out before yogurt does? #Yourenotalone

Sizzling Teriyaki Bowl

A must-try in my opinion. The creaminess of teriyaki mushroom melange and field greens paired with roasted broccoli, pickled cucumber, and sesame seeds that are just the right amount of crispiness scream umami (the official taste of Flyby). Ginger dressing adds a light savory flavor to the bowl, which also includes your personal selection of protein from grilled chicken, grilled salmon, sauteed seitan, or tofu.

Mezze Bowl

So rich in flavor that it almost tastes too good to be healthy. The combination of hummus, tabouleh, falafel crumbs, and pita chips contrasts the refreshing taste of lemon tahini dressing on baby spinach and Fattoush salad. It is to rival Tatte. A great choice with or without protein.

Burrito Bowl

It was… slightly disappointing in comparison to the other burrito bowl options near campus (No, I have never heard of El Jefe’s. Don’t ask me about it). The combo of sour cream and cilantro lime dressing kind of overpowered the savory taste that I’d expect in a burrito bowl. And it had very few hot toppings, which made it taste more like a salad instead.

Grilled Chicken Sandwich

Nice and fresh with avocado, lettuce, and Caesar dressing on a spinach wrap, very similar to the weekday FlyBy (oddly familiar name…) signature down in Mem Hall basement.

Other Grill

Burgers, chicken fingers, and french fries are served hot and chewy. The skin of chicken fingers is beautifully cooked so that it’s soft and crisp, a classic pair with some good ol’ HUDS fries.

You heard it here first: the Divinity School cafe is a worthy use of your Board Plus if you’re looking for a quick bite between classes or a change of scener

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