How to: Spend Your BoardPlus Before Finals Ends

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The year is finally coming to an end, which means it’s time to get rid of all your BoardPlus as quickly as possible! It unfortunately does not roll over onto next semester’s, so this is URGENT. But don’t go around throwing your money at *any* place. Take a look at our top five places to give away your BoardPlus so that you not only spend Harvard’s money swiftly … but also smartly.

Lehman Hall

Are you interested in a good lunch and a variety of delicious options? Well, make your way to Lehman Hall (the gorgeous gray building beside Straus and Matthews), where Santos (the guy behind the food bar) uses his culinary magic to create some of the most delicious bowls and burritos. There’s also ramen, rice bowls, and cake that will keep you full for hours. Lehman Hall turns you into the academic weapon that you were always meant to be!

Caspersen Center (The Law School)

Are you interested in law? Are you interested in anything other than law? Look no further than the Caspersen Center at HLS! Practically one of the best choices, this center has not only two options for food: A coffee shop and a full cafeteria. They also have beautiful study spaces! And they’re open after 2 p.m.!! Caspersen will make you forget you ever knew HUDS — the flavors? They are more than immaculate.

Quincy Grill/Cabot Cafe

Undergrads can do it too. Do you need a late night snack? Are you out partying and the dhall isn’t open late enough? Well make your way to Quincy Grill or Cabot Cafe and throw all of your boardplus at them. Managed by students, these quaint places feel like a homely diner from a movie. The vibes are 10/10: the prices are low, you can get some delicious late night food (at Quincy) and the best coffee around (at Cabot).


Are you a fan of coffee? We know you are. Head straight to Buckminster’s (watch out though! it’s in a niche location — in the weird extension of the Science Center). This cafe does not have a massive variety of food but has you covered in the pastry and wonderful drinks category. Make sure to stay caffeinated during finals season.

Science Engineering Cafe

Do you want to sit in a beautiful building and imagine that you are the main character in a young adult dystopian movie? Well, walk down to the SEC across the river near Trader Joe’s (aka the best place EVER). A beautiful building (on the outside), this is the perfect place to go when you need to get away from Harvard’s humanities girlies. The cafe is huge — like a miniature grocery store drenched in yellow. There’s hot chocolate, breakfast sandwiches, pastries, and so much more. If you like flyby (which we all know you do *wink*), then this is the place for you! Run (or shuttle) over there NOW!!

We hope this list was wonderful, beautiful, and everything you could have ever asked for. BoardPlus can be scary. But don’t stress, the top five places will make sure all your worries go away. Now go! Spend that BoardPlus! Make haste!

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