Guys, We Have a Museum on Campus

By Anneli L. Tostar

I had just finished my silly little Menschel Hall lecture and started walking towards the September heat when I realized I was a bit peckish. I could go to the Broadway Starbucks, maybe, and spend $7 on a croissant? Or perhaps I could go to Broadway Market and spend $11 on an apple? The situation seemed dire, but then I remembered which building I was in. I waltzed my way upstairs, finding myself in a mostly unfamiliar atrium reminiscent of the Colosseum. This was the art museum.

The Cafe is Cool

I sauntered into the museum cafe to meet very friendly staff who described all of the snacks to me. I went for a blueberry muffin bread thingy, which was tasty and just $4! And then, as I was paying, I was asked if I wanted a coffee. This coffee was FREE, and small coffees are free for all students in September. The cashier said to tell my friends, and you, dear Flyby reader, are, of course, my friend.

The Atrium is Cool

I ate my snack and drank my free coffee in the atrium, enjoying the echoes of merrymaking and caffeination. I zoomed with my concentration advisor, who was very impressed that I was in the museum. He then mentioned my prospective thesis, and I had to take a lap around some statues to calm down. Nothing like the serenity of recovered columns to make me forget my academic woes.

The Art is Cool

In fact, there is lots of art in the art museum, which is very cool, but I will not write about it further, because I do not want the Arts section to recreate this painting where Flyby is Adam and I am (of course) Eve. Suffice it to say that I now feel very informed, cultured, and like a productive and artistic member of society.

And Now, I am Cool

I feel very silly that I did not take advantage of this museum sooner. They do lots of cool stuff. Do not be like me. Go to the museum NOW.

But not when I’m there. I like that it’s quiet.

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