What Your Harvard Parent Merch Says About You

By Nicole M. Hernandez Abud

Now that the semester’s over, hot girl summer is in full swing, and there’s no better time than Commencement to start serving. It’s time to make note of the serves and flops of Harvard Parent fashion. I gathered my “reads” for the most iconic Harvard merch worn by you, the #1 supporters of Harvard seniors, and what that says about you!

“Harvard Mom”, “Harvard Dad” etc. T-Shirts

If you are sporting one of these t-shirts this week, then you are either a cool parent who is “on vacation,” or you are 13-years-old, actually a sibling, and think you are cool (an emphasis on think).

Harvard Dri-Fit Nike Wear

Spotted! A golf dad, NCAA university athlete, another 13-year-old child, or a young parent that prioritizes comfortability over “Ready to Wear” chic. That’s ok! Athleisure is a definite “in” for 2024.

Crimson Colors as “Merch” Without a Harvard Mention

This choice for Commencement week wear probably means you are an alum! Congratulations! If you know how to subtly serve “Legacy Crimson Couture” then I will gladly give you your flowers. Now please come to the reunion and offer me an internship at your firm.

No Merch at All

You didn’t wear any parent merch or colors to Commencement week? Well. I have to say. That might be the most distinguished Harvard merch of them all. People who don’t care to make their connection to the school visually clear might be the most Harvardian of all. Your kid goes to a “small school just outside Boston.”

Whatever you’re wearing this week, strut your stuff! Parents, be proud of your child’s accomplishments as well as your surely impeccable outfit.

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