My Real Senior Thesis Acknowledgments

By Sophia Salamanca

One of the highlights of writing a senior thesis is getting the chance to acknowledge all those that helped you along the way. Of course, most students start with thanking their advisers (and I actually meant it when I did), their departments (shoutout to ESPP), and their friends and family. But, it’s difficult to include everything and everyone you want to thank, because doing so would not sound very thesis-esque. Luckily, Flyby is giving me the perfect platform to share an unabridged version of my senior thesis acknowledgments.

So, thank you to:

Noah Kahan’s Stick Season (Forever) Album

This one was vital for locking into thesis writing in the Pfoho Library. All too often, I would forget to connect my laptop to my airpods before clicking play, so everyone had to listen to the intro of Northern Attitude.

Cabot Cafe’s Iced Matcha

(Although they ran out of matcha for a bit, which definitely was a rough period for me).

Harvard Center for the Environment Free Espresso

Made even better when extra creamy oat milk was made available in the mini fridge.

Danahey Park

For all those mid-afternoon mental health study breaks.

Cabot Cafe’s Vanilla Rooibos Tea Latte

Kudos to one of the amazing baristas for recommending this.

My Parents

For answering my panicked messages in a time zone seven hours ahead of Boston time. They made it onto my actual thesis acknowledgements too (obviously).

My Cord Headphones

For when my Airpods were dead.

HUDS Oatmeal

Yup, you read that correctly. Curating an aesthetically pleasing oatmeal bowl was key to getting me out of bed all throughout the month of February.

Cabot Cafe’s Nutella Me More


My One Friend from the River

Who made our Quad-River friendship easier by actually coming to Pfoho for dinner!!!

Jordan North Study Breaks

For the random sushi and Berry-Line food drops.

My Electric Heating Pad

For making my naps extra cozy.


For the perfect post-thesis celebration.


Because who knew citing things could be easy?

Flyby Blog

For providing daily quality content and keeping me up to date with what was happening on campus even as I spent days locked in Widener. And for being the greatest, most creative and fun space on campus that I am lucky to have been a part of for the last four years. Words can’t express how much I will miss Sundays in the sanctum and coming up with slightly unhinged new, fun and fresh content. I’ll always be grateful for Flyby and my fly-fam <3

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