Harvard Prof. Completes Cross-Country Bike Trip Spurred by Black Lives Matter Movement

Harvard Organismic and Evolutionary Biology Professor Scott V. Edwards ’86 dipped his bike tires in the Pacific Ocean at Oregon’s Sunset Beach Thursday afternoon, completing a solo, cross-country bicycle journey that began on the Massachusetts coast June 6.

Bikes on Campus

Student bikes saturate the bike racks outside of Weld in the middle of winter.

City Council Announces Plan to Use Building for Cambridge Benefits

​After Cambridge City Council agreed to redevelop the Foundry Building outside of Kendall Square, the city manager appropriated $30 million to complete the project at the body’s meeting Monday night.

Take 'Er for a Spin

What makes the Wheel so “super?” While you’re pedalling, the motor augments your speed, so attaining and maintaining high velocities is a piece of cake. The app controls how much juice the motor ouputs, and lets you keep track of battery life, speed, and distance travelled.

Students Welcome New Cambridge Bike Safety Resolutions

According to a trio of resolutions passed by the City Council last week, the Cambridge City Manager’s office will work with local universities to disseminate information about bike laws and safety to all new residents.

New Harvard Students to Receive City-Mandated Bike Info

The resolutions requested that the City Manager’s office work with the city and local colleges to provide new residents and students respectively, with relevant bicycle safety information.

Cambridge Cycling

Ed School student Justin C. Hauver bikes along Massachusetts Avenue toward Harvard Square Monday afternoon. The Cambridge City Council plans to approve initiatives for bike safety around college campuses.

Not for the Faint Hearted

At first, only two men in their late twenties chat softly in the park, nursing beers as they stand by the hammocks. Slowly, more begin to arrive, bringing lime-flavored sports drinks, roommates, girlfriends, hard liquor shots, and bikes.

Endpaper: Like Riding a Bike

Trip, fall, stumble, I did them all. My legs moved in opposite directions, as though rebelling against my body. My family—myself included—all laughed at the incredible lack of coordination gifted to me.

City Council Discusses Watershed Protection, Cycling Promotion

The Cambridge City Council discussed the Silver Maple Forest preservation and a bicycle counter interface at their meeting Monday evening.

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