City Council Defers Bike Lane Discussion Following Friday’s Fatal Crash

The death of a cyclist in a Friday collision with a box truck was not discussed in depth at Monday’s Cambridge City Council, but is certain to add urgency and emotion to a longstanding debate over bike safety in Cambridge.

Flat Tires: How A Divisive Debate Over Cambridge Bike Lanes Left Everyone Unsatisfied

As construction slowly moves forward on bike lanes, the physical separation on a growing number of Cambridge streets has come to represent a bitter division in the city’s politics — and many in the city are at a loss for how it can be bridged.

City Council Unlikely to Prohibit Foreign Policy Discussions Following Ceasefire Resolution

A Cambridge City Council committee opposed a proposal to limit the body from considering foreign policy issues at a Monday committee meeting, following months of pressure from local activists to call for a ceasefire in Gaza.

Affordable Housing, Bike Lanes to Dominate Debate for New Cambridge City Council as Progressives Stalwarts Depart

With the Cambridge City Council set to lose two of its most progressive members, the November city elections may mark a shift to a more moderate direction for the 2022-24 term, as affordable housing and bike lanes are set to dominate Council debate.

Separated Bike Lanes Divide Cambridge City Council Candidates Ahead of Nov. 7 Election

Cambridge’s bike lanes have emerged as a divisive topic ahead of the City Council election. While numerous candidates have championed the continued development of separated bike lanes, others have actively participated in lawsuits to halt their construction.

Harvard Prof. Completes Cross-Country Bike Trip Spurred by Black Lives Matter Movement

Harvard Organismic and Evolutionary Biology Professor Scott V. Edwards ’86 dipped his bike tires in the Pacific Ocean at Oregon’s Sunset Beach Thursday afternoon, completing a solo, cross-country bicycle journey that began on the Massachusetts coast June 6.

Bike Lanes

A biker rides through Harvard Square in the bike lane on Massachusetts Avenue.

Bikes on Campus

Student bikes saturate the bike racks outside of Weld in the middle of winter.

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