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Helena Foulkes to Serve as Harvard Board of Overseers President

Helena Buonanno Foulkes ’86, a former corporate executive who has held top positions at CVS Health and served as CEO of the Hudson’s Bay Company, will serve as the president of Harvard’s Board of Overseers for the next year, the University announced Monday.

Coalition for a Diverse Harvard Endorses Five Board of Overseers Candidates

The Coalition for a Diverse Harvard — an alumni group centered on increasing diversity and promoting equity at the University — endorsed five candidates for this year’s Board of Overseers election and six candidates for elected directorships on the board of the Harvard Alumni Association on Wednesday.

With Days to Go, Harvard Forward’s 2021 Candidates Seek Nomination Goal

Following the successful election of three candidates last year, Harvard Forward is again vying for seats on the Board of Overseers, the University’s second-highest governing body.

Divestment Movement Wins Some, Loses Some

Harvard’s long-lived divestment movement this year gained powerful allies among the faculty and placed supporters in the upper echelons of University leadership, but its ultimate goal pushing the University to completely divest from fossil fuel companies remains unfulfilled.

Harvard Forward, Fresh Off of Board of Overseers Wins, Sets Sights on 2021 With New Slate of Candidates

Harvard Forward, a student and alumni group working to end climate change and increase recent alumni representation within Harvard’s governance boards, announced their 2021 campaign Tuesday.

‘Crucial’ or ‘Contemptible’? Alumni Split on Change to Board of Overseers

Some Harvard alumni said they see recent changes to the composition of the Board of Overseers as a rebuke of the democratic spirit of the Overseers elections, while others see the nominating process as a necessary safeguard against special interests.

Harvard Forward 'Alarmed’ by Change to Board of Overseers Election Policy

Three weeks ago, leaders of the alumni group Harvard Forward were “thrilled.” After months of petitioning and campaigning, they had elected three candidates to Harvard’s Board of Overseers, its second-highest governing body.

Report on Board of Overseers Offers New Insights Into Its Role

A 20-page report on the election and function of Harvard’s Board of Overseers reveals new details about how the second-highest governing body leads the University, in addition to issuing recommendations about future Overseer elections.

Divestment Groups Cheer Harvard Forward Victories in Overseers Election

For over a decade, student groups have worked to advance fossil fuel divestment at Harvard by meeting with University presidents and holding demonstrations in Harvard Yard. Now three of their own will sit on the University’s second-highest governing body.

Harvard Names New Overseers, Including Three Harvard Forward-Backed Candidates

Harvard alumni elected five new members to the Board of Overseers — the University’s second highest governing body — including four Black alumni and three candidates supported by the young alumni representation campaign Harvard Forward.

2020 Harvard Board of Overseers, HAA Director Elections Come to a Close

The 2020 Harvard elections kicked off July 1 after the University postponed its start due to the global coronavirus pandemic. It was originally scheduled to take place from April 1 to May 19.

In Wake of Alumni Criticism, Harvard Forward Co-Founders Advocate for Insurgent Campaign at Town Hall

The Zoom town hall followed a letter penned by a group of alumni, which included 10 out of the 13 current members of the Harvard Alumni Association’s Executive Committee, criticizing Harvard Forward’s campaign strategy and policy positions.

Current and Former Harvard Alumni Association Leaders Criticize Harvard Forward’s Board of Overseers Campaign

A group of alumni volunteers — including past and present members of the Harvard Alumni Association’s Executive Committee — penned a letter to other alumni criticizing tactics employed by the group Harvard Forward in this year’s Board of Overseers’ election.

Harvard Forward Candidates Say Digital Campaign Plays to Their Strengths

Harvard Forward began the University’s election cycle with an ambitious plan to host events around the world, but with a public health crisis at hand, they have been forced to move their grassroots efforts online.

Coalition for a Diverse Harvard Seeks A Name Change for the Board of Overseers

The Coalition for a Diverse Harvard is calling on the University to change the name of the Board of Overseers, Harvard’s second-highest governing body, because the term “overseer” historically referred to men hired by plantation owners to violently control slaves.

Harvard’s Postponed Board of Overseers Election Will Begin July 1, Conclude August 18

Harvard’s annual Board of Overseers and Harvard Alumni Association director elections will begin on July 1, according to University spokesperson Christopher M. Hennessy.

Divest Harvard and Harvard Forward Convene To Discuss Harvard’s Responsibility to a World in Crisis

As protests against police brutality unfolded in the middle of a global pandemic that has claimed over 373,000 lives globally, representatives of Divest Harvard and Harvard Forward convened a livestreamed discussion Sunday afternoon.

Harvard Names President and Vice Chair of the Executive Committee of the Board of Overseers

Harvard announced in a press release Friday that R. Martin Chávez ’85 and Beth Y. Karlan ’78 will serve as the Board of Overseers’ President and Vice Chair of the Executive Committee for the 2020-2021 academic year.

University Postpones Board of Overseers, Harvard Alumni Association Elections Until July Due to Virus

Harvard has postponed its Board of Overseers and Harvard Alumni Association directorship elections until July.

Harvard Forward Endorses Alumni Association Board Candidates

Harvard Forward — an alumni organization advocating for fossil fuel divestment — endorsed six candidates running for Harvard Alumni Association Elected Directors.

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