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CompFest Brings Harvard’s Musical Voices Together

Emulating the casual energy of a coffeehouse performance was one of Leahy’s goals to make the Cabaret a welcoming space for diverse composers of all styles and experiences to present their work.

‘Ten Planets’ Review: A Philosophical Exercise of Cosmic Proportions

“Ten Planets” is neither warning nor prophecy — it is a compelling contemplation on the human capacity to find beauty in even the most dystopian settings, as well as its tendency to create instruments of oppression.

A Stranger No Longer: Phoebe Bridgers’s ‘Stranger in the Alps’ Turns Five

The eleven-track album unleashed Bridgers’s addictively cathartic blend of sorrow, humor, and anger on the world. It also opened up avenues for collaboration that would cement her role as not only the musical voice of today’s indie music scene, but also the embodiment of its spirit.