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Virtually Famous: Music Journalism in A Social Media World

With social media playing a larger role in determining the music we listen to — and music streaming platforms increasingly resembling social media with features such as followers and likes — artists have claimed greater control over how their music and narratives are communicated to the public

Close-Listening: Diving Deep into a Song’s Lyrics

Misheard lyrics can be a golden moment of serendipity. Despite their falsehood, these alternative listenings of a song can open up compelling new interpretations and personal connections to the music.

Pitchfork’s Recipe for the Record Review

In this first installment, I start by assessing Pitchfork’s distinctive brand of album reviews — the bread and butter of music criticism — as the standard for what is both valuable and frustrating about the genre.

CompFest Brings Harvard’s Musical Voices Together

Emulating the casual energy of a coffeehouse performance was one of Leahy’s goals to make the Cabaret a welcoming space for diverse composers of all styles and experiences to present their work.