Conner R. Dalton ’15 and Sarah McKenzie Williams
Conner R. Dalton ’15 and Sarah McKenzie Williams
By Elizabeth S. Auritt, Crimson Staff Writer


Concentration: Computer Science

House: Leverett

Hometowns: Wilmington, NC

Dating since: January 26, 2008

Where you met: We had been classmates in second grade and then she came back to my school in seventh grade. But during that time in between our families were close friends. We went to the same church.

When you got engaged: In January 2015. I came down and surprised her at school at Furman University. I set up a little dance at the bell tower on campus. I put out flowers and candles and proposed there.

Most memorable date: Either our day with her parents in Florence or our six-month anniversary dinner looking over the river in Wilmington.

Three words to describe yourselves as a couple: Best friends forever

What your friends would say about you: Some people saw it coming for a long time. We make a good team.

Something you’ve always wanted to tell people: She made me like dogs. She’s very patient with me stepping on her toes when we dance. We’re excited to not be long distance anymore.

An anecdote that captures your relationship: We started dating at a dance, and she asked me to dance.

In 15 minutes you are: Going to a play

In 15 years you are: Bringing the kids home for Christmas

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