Amy C. Robinson ’15 and Raúl P. Quintana ’14
Amy C. Robinson ’15 and Raúl P. Quintana ’14
By Elizabeth S. Auritt, Crimson Staff Writer


Concentrations: English and Social Studies

Houses: Dunster and Leverett

Hometowns: San Antonio, TX

Dating since: Since 2008

Where you met: We met in high school. I was a sophomore, and he was a junior. I live about six or seven blocks from our high school, so one day he just ran from our high school to my house and rang my doorbell and asked me out.

When you got engaged: In April of this year in Boston. We kind of just had this day all to ourselves. We were hanging out. We went to Crema for a while. We had our own sort of day. We made a reservation at a restaurant in Kendall, Hungry Mother. We went there and had this awesome meal, shared a bottle of wine. We were the last ones in the restaurant. Everything was just kind of perfect. So then we went to Beat Hotel and grabbed a drink, and went back to her room. I decided to pull an audible and ask her then.

Most memorable date: This one time, maybe a year or so after we first started dating, we had this whole date planned and had dinner reservations. And then we got locked out of his car. We were just hanging out in the alleyway for a few hours. We ended up just getting Sonic or something.

Three words to describe yourselves as a couple: Romantic, literary, and global

What your friends would say about you: Both our high school friend group and our college friend group have come up with the name Ramy. We’re just always together. We’re always going on camping and hiking trips together. We’re always reading books all day, those sorts of things.

Something you’ve always wanted to tell people: There [are] kind of these assumptions of in high school and college you’re changing so much, and that’s kind of why people don’t think of relationships being permanent. I feel like there’s always been the sense that we went through all of that. We’ve both changed a lot. It’s almost like we changed together. We changed together, we sort of grew together, but none of those changes ever pulled us apart. If anything, they brought us closer together.

An anecdote that captures your relationship: I visited him in Indonesia over winter break and visited him in his little village. It was fun just riding on the back of his motorcycle through rice paddies.

In 15 minutes you are: Skyping

In 15 years you are: Still reading, sipping some Bourbon

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