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Weaving Worship Into House Life

I t's that time of year again. Around the world, people are decorating Christmas trees, lighting Hanukkah menorahs, and preparing

Questioning the Cage

M ost cosmetic changes to Harvard's campus go unnoticed. A fence gets painted, a sidewalk is repaired, some trees are

Justice Behind Closed Doors

F yodor Dostoevsky once said, "If you want to see what a society is really like, look in its prisons."

Diversifying With an Axe

S pringtime is fast approaching, bringing with it, among other things, the first-year housing lottery. Although the rules and procedures

A Space Station Is Too Costly

N ASA's Space Station Freedom survived the most recent round of appropriations hearings. $10 billion have already been spent on

Defending Sesame Street

B ig Bird's head is on the chopping block. No, this is not some twisted version of Thanksgiving Dinner. Instead,

Begging as a Profession

P anhandling has risen to a new level in Harvard Square. During these few weeks before Christmas, when all of

Nobel Booby Prize

One week ago today, The New York. Times reported the kidnapping of Nachshon Waxman, an Israeli soldier, by members of

Attack on Crimson Key Is Immature, Spiteful

We are deeply disturbed by the tone of the staff's position. Such a mean-spirited diatribe is certainly not the way

Compromise on Cuba

W ith the exception of the Middle East peace process, the recent confrontation between the United States and Cuba has

The Coop Loses Its Mission (and Rebate)

I was in the Coop the other day, searching for a textbook. Going up stairs and down hallways, with soft,

New Feminist Group Formed

After much debate this semester over the role of women's groups on campus, a new organization has formed to stimulate

The Real Diversity Problem

S pringtime at Harvard has become a traditional time for protests and marches to support diversity, and this year was

Knowing Where to Place Blame

S o what was [Baruch] Goldstein [the man who killed over 40 Muslims in a mosque in Israel two weeks

Leave It All to Chance

W hen I told a fellow frosh friend that my blocking group planned on selecting Kirkland House, among others, for