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File-Trading Policy Unnecessarily Harsh

To the editors: I was disturbed to read of the College’s concessions to pressure from the movie and music industries

There's No Shame in Being Common

Contrary to the staff position, we believe Harvard's adoption of the "common" application is a step forward. Rather than demeaning

Attack on Crimson Key Is Immature, Spiteful

We are deeply disturbed by the tone of the staff's position. Such a mean-spirited diatribe is certainly not the way

MIT Official Admits to ROTC Talks

Contradicting her claims that there have been no Harvard-MIT negotiations about the Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC), MIT's Assistant for

Is Harvard Giving Up on Its ROTC Promises?

It is beginning to look as though Harvard administrators and some activists have capitulated on their once hard line stand

Record Number Seek Admission

A record number of students have applied to become members of Harvard-Radcliffe's Class of 1998, Dean of Admissions and Financial

695 Early Applicants Admitted to College

The number of early acceptances to the College fell slightly this year, from 712 to 695, despite a record high

Hillel, Raza Share Food, Cultures

About 45 students gathered in the Harvard-Radcliffe Hillel dining hall last night to munch burritos and potato latkes to the

City Anticipates Graduation

Tomorrow is a big day for the thousands of Harvard graduates finally finishing a significant part of their academic careers.

Class of '68 Alumni Discuss Vietnam

Whether members of the class of '68 supported or protested the Vietnam War, the conflict profoundly impacted their lives, panelists

Eating Disorders Common Among Female Undergrads

Nearly one in five female undergraduates say they have eating disorders, according to a study conducted by Assistant Professor of

Foundation Panel Discusses Minority Women in Academia

A six-woman panel sponsored by the Harvard foundation last night stressed the importance of role models for minority women in

Students Petition On Powell

A petition protesting Harvard's invitation to Gen. Colin L. Powell to speak at Commencement and to receive an honorary degree

Harvard Tour Now on Tape

Boston tour guides may soon find themselves out of work if Cushing Tour Tapes has its way. The company, which

More Asbestos Tiles Removed From 29G

More asbestos tiles will be removed from 29 Garden Street on Monday, according to a memorandum slipped under the resident