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Sometimes, the Best Man For the role is a Woman

When Richard Nash-Siedlecki '92-'93 got married last summer, he made sure to include Winsome S.M. Brown '95 in the wedding

Watching Radcliffe Come Into Its Own

I t's not easy being a woman at Harvard. I heard those words more than four years ago, on a

Springfest Rocks MAC Quad

Boasting live music, rides, prizes and beer, the Undergraduate Council held their second annual Springfest last Saturday in the quadrangle

Council Confirms Elections Change

Members of the Undergraduate Council confirmed yesterday that they have voted to institute popular elections for the organization's president and


W hen Gay W. Seidman '78 was elected the first female president of The Harvard Crimson in 1977, she didn't


Winter Hits Bosnia

With Rush Limbaugh baying about the evils of university liberalism and Newt Gingrich proselytizing for prayers in public schools, it


Don't Bully Big Bird

It's a sad day when the characters of "Sesame Street" find themselves out on the street holding pink slips. Unfortunately,

A Holiday Tale

Winthrop House Master Paul D. Hanson may have been feeling a bit like the Grinch Who Stole Christmas this past


Writing About Racism

* Critiques of The Bell Curve vary in content and style. Who would have thought that more than 800 pages


Newt The Eft-Word

It was as if Moses himself had come thundering into Washington, his shiny brand-new Cadillac easily parting a group of


Gender Upends Tenure

When Peggy B. Schmertzler '53 returned for her 35th Radcliffe Reunion, she had some questions about what life was like


Roiphe Lacks Proof

"Someone's rape may be another person's bad night," writes Katie Roiphe in her controversial book The Morning After: Sex, Fear,


Feminist Sans Clothes

When Victoria Zdrok allowed Playboy to place a staple in her navel, she wasn't just allowing herself to become another


A Different Voice

I first discovered Anna Quindlen when I was 16, reading the New York Times in the morning with bleary eyes.

Attack on Crimson Key Is Immature, Spiteful

We are deeply disturbed by the tone of the staff's position. Such a mean-spirited diatribe is certainly not the way