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What Will Your Role Be?

By some turn of organizational American English, the word “role” has become a euphemism for “job title.”

The Liberal Art of Redefinition

Last year, I wrote that the American left is losing a struggle for language, as conservatives masterfully redefine the political

Seeing is Believing

Wilfred Owen and Donald Rumsfeld have next to nothing in common, but Owen’s most important poem and Rumsfeld’s most important

Making it Worse

One of the classic devices in situation comedy—and some tragedy—is for a character’s solution to a simple problem to prove

Parts of Speech

Politics is always novelistic, but the last week’s worth of news had me flashing back to high school English class.

Running Out of Context

In the middle of a book of short sayings and poems, the great Lebanese poet Khalil Gibran (1883-1931) wrote, “Half

Future Imperfect

I doubt the Bush campaign asked for permission from the family of the 9-11 victim whose flag-draped body appears in

1968 Revisited

“The past is never dead,” Faulkner famously said. “It isn’t even past.” As if to prove him right, the press

Prudes and Puritans

The American Right Wing is not comfortable with the female form. So we were reminded last week, when Federal Communications

Story Lines

Americans need a narrative. Seeking patterns and repetition in history is rooted in the American tradition, ever since the Puritans

A Vision Thing

Visitors to a celebrated new production of Shakespeare’s Henry IV in New York this winter will recognize something in the

The Struggle for Language

You heard it here: Howard Dean is against the Right to Work. Last Monday at the IOP, Dean explained his

Lessons Unlearned

I subscribe to a breaking news email service run by ABC. The idea is that if anything big happens in

Rock the Vote?

This week, I picked up a new album by Dave Matthews, prophet of the carefree joy of my high school

Hollywood Hypocrisy vs. Neo-Liberal Neurosis

If precedent is any guide, Chris Matthews will ask Al Sharpton tonight at the Institute of Politics (IOP) what his