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Film Profs Make Way For Ph.D. Program

CORRECTION APPENDED A proposal for a new Ph.D. program in film and visual studies will be voted on by the

Faculty To Revisit Course Evaluations

The Faculty of Arts and Sciences will revisit a proposal next month to increase both student and professor participation in

Professor To Bring Free Speech Motion to Faculty

CORRECTION APPENDED A professor who feels academic debate on the Israel-Palestine conflict has been stifled will push the full Faculty

Profs Might Make Their Articles Free

The Faculty Council, the 18-member governing body of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS), advanced a measure yesterday that

After Vote, Faculty Faces a Daunting Transition

The Gen Ed legislation’s passage comes as a long-anticipated bookend to the four-year-long effort to replace the Core. But the

FAS Secretary To Resign

Secretary of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS) David B. Fithian will leave his post at Harvard for one

Committee Will Advise On Activity Based Learning

Interim Dean of the Faculty David Pilbeam announced at yesterday’s Faculty meeting the creation of an ad hoc committee to

Imitating Life in the Lab

The five arms of the brittle star are covered by tiny lenses that, like transition sunglasses, are able to regulate

Council Approves Mandatory Evaluations

The Faculty Council voted yesterday in favor of requiring all Faculty members to undergo student evaluations and granting the Committee

Professors Turn Down Requiring History

Professors rejected a call to add more history to the proposed general education curriculum in a close vote at yesterday’s

Event Kicks Off Advising Fortnight

Curious freshmen travelled from table to table in a packed Annenberg Hall picking up pamphlets and asking questions at last

Draft Gen Ed Legislation Released

The Faculty of Arts and Sciences took another step toward abolishing the Core Curriculum yesterday, releasing a draft of legislation

Sociology Professor Denied Tenure

Sociology Professor Jason A. Kaufman ’93 was denied tenure last week, thwarting his department’s first attempt to nominate a junior

Treasures Hide In Plain Sight

The path to the office of Harvard University Art Museums (HUAM) Director Thomas W. Lentz is paved with art-world gold.

Group To Draft Gen Ed Legislation

The Faculty Council yesterday appointed three of its members to form a committee that could bring the new General Education