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The Roof, The Roof Is On Fire

Harvard, loosen up, so that your students can do the same. Get rid of GPA incentives, the Core or Gen Ed, and make it easier for students to use their imaginations for things besides financial models.

Palahniuk Goes for Shock, Ends Up with Shlock

Chuck Palahniuk’s fourth book in as many years, “Tell-All,” focuses on the mid-twentieth century world of celebrity, as seen through the eyes of an aging star’s personal assistant.

A Prophet

With films like “Inglorious Basterds” and “The White Ribbon,” the 2009 Cannes Film Festival provided a historical, if anatomical, lesson on human violence. The festival’s Grand Prix winner, “A Prophet,” could perhaps serve as the keynote example for such a lecture.

It Ain’t Always Sunny in Boston: Films Lie About City

Everyday, regardless of Boston’s variable weather, thousands of graying tourists stumble through the gates of Harvard, flattening students, taking pictures ...

The New Hot Topic: Vamps Don’t Really Suck, Per Se

If you had asked me when I was little what my concept of vampires was, I would have said something

Saving the Animals by Acting Like One

In order to hit the ground running after a nice, long summer, let’s consider a hypothetical. A group of representatives

The Hurt Locker

In a summer filled with justifiable acclaim for “Inglourious Basterds,” another war movie snuck onto the scene and captured audiences

Blind Man's Colour

If you read Kanye West’s blog for any reason beyond pure entertainment or comedy, then you may have heard of

Get Thee To A Nunnelly

When Michael Scott (Steve Carrel) of “The Office” talks about paper with that little twinkle in his eye, I admit

A Desensitized American Psyche

This past Sunday, the media were allowed to cover the return of a fallen U.S. soldier for the first time