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The Abstinence Teacher, by Tom Perrotta From its titillating title, I expect the book will feature hoards of sexed-up teenagers

I'm Not There

A scruffy older man, played by Richard Gere, looks down at a young, black folk singer, played by Marcus Carl

‘Beckett at 100’ Still Going Strong

“This is not a theatrical event.” Director Robert Scanlan emphasized the un-theatricality of “Beckett at 100” with this line in

SCREENSHOTS: Marie Antoinette

Remember those precious high school years? The dabbling in drugs, alcohol, and those first awkward forays into love and sex?

Pinker’s Study of Language Has the Right ‘Stuff’

Handcuffs, lipstick, lingerie, a straitjacket, a martini glass, and a naked woman have conspicuously snuck onto the cover of a

Stellar Students Awarded Hoopes

For their writings on topics ranging from stem cells to medieval trade to creative writing, 77 students were r

Alumni Advise on Theater Industry

New York City theater producers Edward M. Strong ’70 and David G. Richenthal, a 1974 graduate of Harvard Law School,

A Heavy-Hearted Romp

Daniel J. Wilner ’07 would like to invite you into the newly furnished living room formerly known as the Loeb

Bright Eyes

It’s hard to make up one’s mind about Bright Eyes’ new album “Cassadaga.” Frontman Conor Oberst writes with an ear