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Dudley Celebrates Fifty Years

In 1985, Dudley celebrated its 50th anniversary. According to an introductory letter written in 1985 by the chairs of the House to commemorate the event, “The anniversary year is a special time for Dudley—it gives us the opportunity to glance back and to look forward in time.”

Elizabeth H. Dole

Fifty years ago, Elizabeth H. Dole '60 was a graduate student at Harvard.

Smile Like You Mean Art: Paintings Promote Goodwill

When Bren Bataclan started the Smile Project six years ago, he never anticipated that it would spread to 25 states

Acclaimed Poet Phillips Meditates on Life

Carl Phillips ’81 dramatizes the weeping of Patroclus’ horses at their owner’s death in the poem “Happiness”; “Immortal, / and

John D. Kapusta ’09

When asked if he has any regrets from his four years at Harvard, John D. Kapusta ’09 succinctly replies “I

For His 80th, Warhol Granted More Than His 15 Minutes

Andy Warhol infamously said, “Everyone will be famous for 15 minutes.” By now Warhol has contradicted his own statement: his

‘Olive Kitteridge’ Explores the Same Thing Over and Over Again

I have always thought that living alone would be frightening. What if I broke my neck and no one was