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Bluegrass Educates with Sound of Music

As jazz was a generation ago, American folk music is beginning—too late, as many enthusiasts insist—to be embraced and studied by the academic world.

Ryu Goto

SPOTLIGHT: Ryu Goto '11

Ryu Goto ’11, brother of renowned violinist Midori Goto, will join the Bach Society Orchestra (BachSoc) this Sunday in a ...


Reaching the End of the Silk Road

The phenomenon of multiculturalism in today’s world often becomes so muddled and clichéd that the cultures represented become vitiated and ...

HDS Talks Green, Spirituality

Students and religious leaders explored the intersection of religion and environmentalism at a conference held Friday at the Harvard Divinity

Dr. Y Says Goodbye Triumphantly

James Yannatos raised the baton for his first concert as Music Director of the Harvard-Radcliffe Orchestra, the oldest symphony orchestra

HGSE Group Uncovers Creativity Everywhere

For most, the concept of creativity is most quickly associated with art. For James Croft and Edward Clapp, creators of

Divided, HRO's Concert Stands

The Harvard-Radcliffe Orchestra gathers some of the most talented musicians on campus, but in their third concert of the year—performed

HRO Evokes Rich Moods

Last Friday, one short month after their Halloween concert, the Harvard Radcliffe Orchestra (HRO) tackled another ambitious program at Sanders

Unnamed photo

SPOTLIGHT: Trevor J. Martin '10

Strings extend across the Adams Art Space like lasers, both encouraging exploration of the space and prohibiting it. These boundaries

HRO Does the Airplane for Dr. Yannatos

It was the beginning of the end of an institution on Friday night as James Yannatos stepped to the podium

Zander Conducts Balancing Act

The Boston Philharmonic Orchestra (BPO), led by Benjamin Zander, stirred the Sanders Theatre crowd Wednesday night with an inconsistent but


Ludacris’ new music video has a lot in common with the 2000 blockbuster “What Women Want,” starring Mel Gibson. Like

Practiced Playing from Brattle Street

On Saturday night, one of Harvard’s lesser-known musical groups, the Brattle Street Chamber Players, gave a polished performance in Paine

SPOTLIGHT: Veronica Rodriguez Ballesteros

Many Harvard students consider the outside lives of their teaching fellows a mystery. For Verónica Rodríguez Ballesteros, a TF for