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Down in the concrete, the linotype machine Model 8, No. 47944 manufactured by the Mergenthaler Linotype Co. will still bear the marks of the anonymous workers, engineers, and draftsmen who once rolled that proud machine off of a factory floor in New York.


Michael Beckham and Sarah Godfrey

Sarah C. Godfrey first met J. Michael Beckham ’12 in the fourth grade.that day she went home from school and told her grandmother, “I’m going to marry Michael Beckham.”


Delegate Counting

With no defining narrative emerging out of Tuesday’s Republican debate, the time is long past to start looking long and hard at the delegate math of this year’s primary.


Brian and George

In the basement of the Crimson sit a set of refurbished and aging Goss community presses: for anyone with a nostalgia for newspapers, they’re beautiful machines.

Year in Review 2010-11
Year in Review

Year in Review 2010-11


'Justice' Exam Blue Books Stolen From TF

Several final exam blue books from Government Professor Michael J. Sandel’s mega-course “Ethical Reasoning 22: Justice” were stolen from a teaching fellow’s car earlier this week, forcing some students to retake the exam or settle for a grade based on their previous work in the course.

Harvard Corporation

Harvard Corporation Pushes for Donation Disclosure

Over the past year, the Harvard Corporation voted on 26 shareholder proposals from companies in which the University holds stock, including voting to make several energy companies adopt goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and taking a stand in favor of public disclosure of corporate political contributions.

Harvard Provost
Central Administration

Harvard Provost Steven Hyman To Step Down

After serving 10 years as the University’s top academic officer, University Provost Steven E. Hyman will step down at the end of this academic year.

Central Administration

Harvard Corporation Overhauls Governing Structure

The Harvard Corporation—the University’s highest governing body—announced on Monday an overhaul to its governance structure that would nearly double its membership and impose term limits.

Drew Faust

Harvard Corporation Announces Historic Overhaul to Governance Structure

The Harvard Corporation—the University’s highest governing body—announced today an overhaul to its governance structure that would nearly double its membership and impose term limits.

Central Administration

Harvard To Prioritize Private Funding for Science

Harvard University has begun to focus more on partnerships with private industry to fund science research, as the federal budget is expected to remain flat or decline in the coming years.

Drew Faust

Barriers Remain For ROTC Return

Earlier this week University President Drew G. Faust made her strongest overture yet to the possibility that the Reserve Officer Training Corps might return to Harvard if the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy ends as expected. But despite her recent remarks, the unit’s return to campus remains highly uncertain due to low levels of enrollment, limited Pentagon funding, and logistical hurdles.

Drew Faust

Drew Faust Endorses Return of ROTC

Harvard University will “fully and formally” recognize the long-banned Reserve Officer Training Corps program upon the repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell,” University President Drew G. Faust said yesterday at the Institute of Politics.


Harvard Expands Stock Investments

Harvard University added to its directly held U.S. traded securities last quarter—helping fuel a 7-percent increase in the value of those assets to $1.54 billion—and the University made sizable new investments in its already large emerging markets portfolio.


GOP Takes House, Dems Retain Senate

The Republican Party regained control of the House of Representatives yesterday but fell short of reclaiming the Senate, according to projections based on early returns, riding a wave of anti-incumbent sentiment to success at the polls.