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Sister Act

They say that siblings exhibit stereotypical attributes determined by birth order. The older one likes to be in control, craves approval, and is a perfectionist to a fault. The younger is more of a free spirit, creative, and always looking to have a good time.

The Harvard Brand

A University with a Brand Name

Which has more brand recognition: Coca-Cola or Harvard?

The Harvard Brand

The Harvard Brand

The Harvard Brand

Deconstructing the Harvard Brand

The Harvard brand can be viewed as a blend of “enduring,” “legacy,” and “emerging” attributes, reflecting some qualities which are at odds with what the University experience has become for many students.



For The Moment

Love it: Tiger Moms

I attended my first sleepover at age eight. Granted, my mom wasn’t too pleased because she didn’t know the birthday ...


Changing the Culture

Harvard's new and innovative stem cell concentration focuses on the humanity behind the research to create classes that are anything but standard.

For The Moment

A Dining Room With a (New) View

A new era has dawned in Leverett House dining hall. A screen now covers the infamous multicolored mural on the

15 Faculty Hot Shots: David Malan

Standing casually in the hallway of Maxwell Dworkin’s third floor, bespectacled and wearing a basic brown sweater, David J. Malan

'Revels' Indulges Christmas Custom

Sixteenth century Brits sure knew how to have a good time. Their holiday “partying” traditions are showcased in “The Christmas

I Now Pronounce You...Ma'am and Wife?

As Harvardians duel strangers for library seats and claw at one another to reach the top of the curve, students

"At Work" with Annie

A woman walks onto the stage of Cambridge’s First Parish Church on Monday, November 24. “A reminder,” he says. “There

Center Stage in Switzerland

Harvard students aren’t really known for dancing. And dancers aren’t really known for physics. Except for one: Merritt A. Moore

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A Thayer Mocktail, Better Than a Cocktail

Forget about the vending machine study breaks of yore. For this year’s lucky freshmen, it’s all about the mocktail. Thayer,

Victoria D. Sung ’10

Victoria D. Sung ’10 selects a navy swatch of fabric amidst the rows of fake chinchilla at Boston’s Winmill Fabrics.