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Pro Choice

The law’s greatest threat lies in its insinuation that the rationale for seeking an abortion demands evaluation. A woman’s right to have an abortion is constitutionally sanctioned, and to limit this right due to personal incentives is dangerous.


Advising Matters

Perhaps the real concern is not the advising system, but the tutor selection process itself.

Harvard Kennedy School

New HKS Project to Begin

The Harvard Kennedy School officially announces the start of its Future of Diplomacy Project, which is intended to study diplomacy in a systematic manner, on Nov. 9 with the introduction of two new resident and three non-resident fellows.


The Innocence of Youth?

When a child kills another child, all sense of morality seems to be distorted, and no reaction is unequivocally justified.


Punishment for the Pope?

Perhaps to arrest the pope is a step too far, but the Roman Catholic Church should know that its jurisdiction does not supersede that of national justice systems.


Still Second?

There is an ugly connotation to feminism that should be dispelled.


Criminalizing the Crazy

The insanity defense is a necessary aspect of any legal system concerned with human rights.


Harmful Side Effects

A balanced examination of the costs and benefits of prohibition reveals that the policy is irrational.


Stolen Lives

While we should be wary of widespread rules condoning excessive violence, there should also be a case-by-case awareness of the stressful conditions of the burgled

Press Pass

LONDON, England — “Hi, I’m doing some research for The Financial Times on the pink pound: how the recession has

Community in Cooking

LONDON, England — Last night, my friend invited me over to his house, where he was roasting a wild boar.

Bargain Hunting

SAN REMO, Italy — I don’t know if it’s because she once worked at Vogue, or if she simply possesses

Walk the Walk

LONDON, England – Around two hours into my job at News International, I realized the respect I earned depended almost

Don’t Look on the Bright Side

LONDON, England — “Britain has been hit worst by the recession,” asserted my father at the dining table. Forks fell

Home & Away

LONDON, England — I experienced the comfort of home before I stepped into my house, or even laid foot on