Section Leader Sass

While our TFs always try to be helpful, sometimes their generous advice comes in the form of pure brutality. Every now and then, we get a paper back and the unforgiving red ink is more honest than we needed it to be. Because it happens way too often, FM takes another look at some of our TFs’ greatest hits in the genre of mean comments.

Teasing Fellows

We all have that one TF… No, not the TF you’re secretly lusting over. The one that will never explicitly call you out for skipping readings, but continues to stare you down in section. It’s the same one who’s been writing snarky comments in menacing red ink (or passive-aggressive purple) on every response paper. In honor of mean marginalia, FM collected some of the worst—or best, depending on how you look at it—TF comments that have been penned this semester.

The Year of Bearded Men

Incoming Columns Exec Abby L. Noyes discusses her favorite power beards of 2013.

Government Shutdown Raises Concerns About Student Loans, Research Grants, Visa Sponsorships

As the U.S. reached its spending limit Tuesday morning and will reach its borrowing limit in a few weeks, concerns are surfacing regarding the impact of the country failing to pay its outstanding bills at institutions such as Harvard.

Critic Touré Reveals Prince's Religious Roots

Touré delved into how Prince’s background and influences shaped his distinctive image and how his persona captured the imagination of Generation X.

Disliking the Culture of ‘Like’

Real-life interactions require us to do more than just show a thumbs-up of approval.

Troubling Tobacco Trends

The majority of Harvard students do not smoke, but this does not indicate that smoking is not a serious campus issue.

Secure Communities and Borders

Secure Communities is an effective program because it engages local police officers in the immigration regulation process without overriding the federal government’s broader authority in this area.

A Country Torn

The defeat of Ignatieff and his Liberal Party is, indeed, a sad moment in Canada’s narrative not only for what it signifies politically, but also because it shows a widespread fear of progress.

Giving Back Meaningfully

This well-endowed university should carefully review the motives of proposed corporate investments in order to maintain the integrity of its Wall Street alliances.

Teen Boom Boom-What?

The craze of fame-seeking, Bieber-imitating, overzealous teenagers is all right as long as a certain line isn’t crossed. Jenna Rose, however, has crossed that line.

Another Word for Colony

Currently, Puerto Rico falls under the category of “commonwealth,” a word that is basically a euphemism for “colony.”

Striking at the Root

Our most visible environmental organizations work tirelessly to come up with feasible solutions to environmental problems, but when they are presented with an opportunity to support a colossal step toward sustainability at Harvard, they often cannot do so because they have their hands tied by the fear of losing institutional funding.

Bring Back the Notebook

Of the many things I’ve learned during my freshman year, there is one important lesson that stands out: Don’t bring ...

Not So Fast, CS

It is with great joy that professors, students, and faculty welcomed the record number of women who declared computer science ...

What Are We Testing, Anyway?

The College Board has received criticism after some versions of the March SAT Reasoning Test included an essay question about reality television. The essay prompt asked , “How authentic can these shows be when producers design challenges for the participants and then editors alter filmed scenes? Do people benefit from forms of entertainment that show so-called reality, or are such forms of entertainment harmful?”

Her Step Backward

“Her Campus”, striving to celebrate independent women, ultimately falls short of its goal and instead perpetuates the very obstacles that stand in the way of women’s social equality.

The Tea Party Hangover

Tea Party supporters envision a nation where all white, U.S.-born men are endowed with certain inalienable rights to gas-guzzling trucks, guns, and health care debt.

You’re Hired, Mr. President

It’s that time again. Every four years, a plethora of presidential hopefuls creep out of the political woodwork. Often, the ...

Support Our Sports

Having a thriving athletic program is an important part of the undergraduate experience, both for the athletes and for those who support them.

Clouds Over the Sunshine State

And so it is fitting that it was on April 2, 2011, the 498th anniversary of the day Ponce took his skills to South Beach, that I came to the conclusion that it is high time we cut Florida loose.

Exposing the Truth

In the wake of the most recent round of budgetary brinkmanship, had the federal government indeed shut down last Friday ...

Admirers from Afar

The sport has spawned a generation of ardent fans among those who grew up without even playing cricket.

Imperfect Attendance

Perhaps Harvard tried to address this long ago when it first implemented a policy that required professors to hold weekly office hours—yet this policy is not as efficient as it could be. The next step would be to implement a mandatory office hour attendance requirement for all students.

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