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Valentine’s Day is the holiday of commitment-phobia. Forced to mime the pitched perfection of a Hallmark card, many couples feel ...

BCT's 'Showboat' Quite a Show

In the Old South, cotton from the fields and performances on steamboats were staples of everyday existence. ‘Show Boat’—the Boston

‘Barbie’ Revives, Revises Tragedy

“History is dead!” shrieks Polly X, Hecuba’s murdered daughter in Professor Christine Evans’ most recent play “Trojan Barbie.” It is


An infidelity here, a dash of marijuana there—the suburban Eden post-apple is a common enough story. Film, especially, is a

Students Make Bank with Art

It’s not difficult to find posters of Pink Floyd or the latest Hollywood hottie gracing the walls of student dorms.

Miss March

“Miss March” is a shitshow—literally. You know a movie is desperate when volatile explosions of feces constitute the film’s only

Student Exhibit Defines Time, Space

At Harvard, time and space are precious commodities. Nearly every student longs for one more minute on an exam, one

MIT Bands Battle at Tommy Doyles

The weather was nippy outside last Saturday night, but a large crowd had weathered the cold to gather inside of