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Valentine’s Day is the holiday of commitment-phobia. Forced to mime the pitched perfection of a Hallmark card, many couples feel ...

Bad Trend Alert: E-Recruiting Leather Folios

My first e-recruiting interview was an abject disaster. My interviewer walked out to get me. We shook hands. We exchanged ...

Not Your Average Couch Potato

One of my favorite stories to tell goes like this: we were all sitting around our television on the night of Super Bowl XLIII, when one of my blockmates, in an attempt to show off his sports knowledge, said, “Oh man, Kurt Warner just got hit hard!” He then continued, a bit perplexed, “Hey, but why did the ref just drop his yellow napkin?” To this faux pas I immediately responded with a deep, guttural laugh. I was (this is the important part of the story) a sports god in comparison.

Love it: Pep Rally

At the Girl Talk concert last year, I left feeling happy and satisfied. I spent the majority of my time ...


The last day of classes is here, and that means it’s time to get drunk and sloppy. Stumble up to

Cross-Dress to Impress

Hey guys—ever feel awkward walking into the Harvard College Women’s Center with a not-so-femme phallus? Just tuck it in! Last