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Firewalls against Disaster

As crucial to the economy and the welfare of everyday Americans as the payroll tax cut is the extension of unemployment insurance.

Voter Suppression 101

Republicans have passed harsh and unjust voter restrictions that will make it more difficult for millions of people to vote, and indeed, might have already decided the election a year before it takes place.

Financial Crisis Around the Corner

Europeans have no choice to stay true to their economic union if they want to avoid a string of defaults, bank failures, and crises that would leave Europe and the rest of the global economy in tatters.

750,000 Could Die In Somalia

The crisis is a long time in the making, and has been spurred on by a variety of environmental and political factors. It was induced by a drought that is the worst in 60 years and has been exacerbated by the political situation in Somalia, perhaps the world’s most dysfunctional failed state.

Fed Action Now

The only morality judgment that should be made of currency policy is whether policymakers are doing everything in their power to end the tragedy of mass unemployment and get Americans back to work.

A Fair Plan to Reduce the Deficit

There are two ways to address the mid-term to long-term fiscal deficit. One way, which Paul Ryan and the Republican presidential candidates prefer, is to eliminate every dollar that we spend to invest in our country’s future and support the poor and middle class.

From the Poor to the Rich

On Tuesday, Paul Ryan, the chair of the House Budget Committee, released a 2012 Republican budget proposal that eviscerates America’s ...

The Right Start

We like to think that when children reach the American public school system, they are on equal footing. However, the ...

No Tough Choices

House Republicans have instead used the budget fight to achieve just about every political goal except substantially reducing deficits.

A Necessary Defense

An economy free of regulation and government intervention would be an unmitigated disaster where the wealthy would trample over the poor and middle class.