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Waiting to Audition

Perhaps the most time-consuming aspect of auditioning for any artistic endeavor is simply waiting to be heard. The shared experience of common casting gives upperclassmen and freshman alike the ability to meet other with similar interests and experience.

"The Spanish Tragedy" Audition

Auditioners for shows like "The Spanish Tragedy" at the New College Theater are expected to dive into their respective roles, switching from their normal personas to that of, for example, a madwoman rife with sadness in only a matter of seconds.


The idea of auditioning--entering a room with a board of strangers and forming spontaneous emotions, songs, or witty monologues that have little to do with your real personality--may seem foreign to some; but for hundreds of Harvard students September brings the opportunity to do exactly this.

Directors and Producers

After the auditioner leaves, the selection process begins. Considering factors like prior experience, volume, gesticulation use and speech quality along with more abstract values like "presence" and character "fit", the director and producers analyze and discuss the performance that they just heard.

Photoessay: The Audition Process

The process of auditioning for one of Harvard's theater or vocal music groups can seem intimidating to even the most confident of aspiring artists; this week, one Crimson photographer took a behind-the-scenes look at the stress, camaraderie, and (believe it or not) fun that accompanied this year's Common Casting and a cappella group auditions.