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Lab Rat of the Week: Ryan R. Christ '13, Model-Builder at Heart

Ryan R. Christ ’13 has always loved making models of how things work. When his mother gave him a library card at age eight, he went straight for “the molecule books” to make little drawings of how atoms turned into earthly matter and living things.


Evolution Revisited

Wilson frames “The Social Conquest of Earth” as a dialogue with painter Paul Gauguin, who penned on the canvas of his 1897 Tahitian masterpiece: “Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going?”

On Campus

Dance Program Uses An Innovative Design

The Harvard Dance Program uses a creative design for this year's program.


Nissinen's "Nutcracker" A Lavish Holiday Tradition

Sporting a velvet cape and a mysterious aura, Herr Drosselmeier knows how to cast a spell. With a small wooden ...

On Campus

Five Movie Moments That Just Make You Feel Like Dancing

For me, there’s nothing better than a film with a great dance sequence—the kind that propels you off the couch ...

Harvard Medical School

The Family Van Makes Boston a Healthier City

Founded in 1992 by current Medical School Dean for Students Nancy E. Oriol, The Family Van hits the streets of Boston six days a week.


Mutant Protein Is Key to Fighting Ebola Virus

The African Ebola filovirus is a master hijacker. Co-opting a host cell’s cargo-transport system, an Ebola virus passes undetected through a cell’s outer membrane and overtakes the host’s molecular machinery for its own proliferation.

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Johnson Melds Dance and Harvard Academia

In her sparkling white-walled office at the Harvard Dance Center, Jill Johnson described the study of épaulement: the placement of ...


Jorma Elo Reimagines ‘A Night at the Ballet’

In the Boston Ballet’s February press release, famed choreographer Jorma Elo said of his newest production, “I hope the audience ...

On Campus

Boston Ballet Displays A Contemporary Flair

Last Friday, the Harvard Dance Center’s Studio 1 was transformed into a black box theater. Boston Ballet’s Artistic Director Mikko Nissinen told his audience, “I hope to show the progress of the art form through the eyes of contemporary repertoire.”


Top Five Commonly Mispronounced Classical Composers

Hailing from an extended family of classical musicians, I had a slightly uncharacteristic childhood. Though my parents were mostly ignorant ...


Stars Shine at Ballet

During a time when many ballet companies are struggling to stay afloat, Artistic Director Mikko Nissinen is not only preserving ...

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Carolyn Holding ’10

When Carolyn W. Holding ’10 walked into her first audition for a Harvard theater production, director Catherine “Calla” Videt ’08-’09 knew that she had found her lead. “I felt that little reaction when talent walks in,” she says, “and when I learned that Carolyn was a freshman, I was so happy that she would be here for many years.”