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Tom Mohanan, Chief Executive Officer of the Corporate Executive Board Company, discusses network formation, its obstacles and advantages at "Using Leadership Networks: A Conversation with Tom Mohanan" on Monday 22 November. The moderator Larissa West led the conversation with pre-gathered questions and open discussion.

Stanton Island

Sophomore diver Michael Stanton helped the men’s swimming and diving team to a resounding victory over Columbia on Saturday. Stanton and freshman teammate Joe Zarrella swept the diving events, with Stanton claiming the three-meter title while Zarrella captured the one-meter win.

The Korean traditions of eating and sharing persists at Harvard, where students of diverse ethnic backgrounds gathered at the Korean Association’s Chuseok Festival last night to celebrate Korean culture, customs, and cuisine amongst friends.

Chuseok is one of the major traditional Korean holidays, similar to Thanksgiving in the US. It celebrates the end of another successful harvest and is a time to enjoy delicious food with friends and family.

Hungry Chuseok celebration attendees were served Korean foods such as rice, kimchi (spicy pickled vegetables), bulgogi (marinated beef) and pajun (korean pancake).

Members of the Korean Association dress up in traditional Korean hanboks, which are worn mostly on traditional celebrations and holidays, such as Chuseok and New Year’s Day.

Participants learn how to play Yutnori, a traditional Korean board game involving four wooden sticks, last night in Ticknor Lounge as part of their Chuseok celebration.

Chuseok at Harvard

The Harvard Korean Association hosted a celebration for Chuseok, a traditional Korean holiday celebrating the end of the harvest, in Ticknor Lounge last night.

Author of The New York Times bestseller 'The Fortune Cookie Chronicles' and former Crimson reporter Jennifer 8. Lee '98-'99 talks about the origin, production and popularization of Chinese food, especially fortune cookies, in the United States and how this reflects Asian American identity.